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20 Manly Gift Ideas for an Outdoorsman Dad

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 Outdoorsman dads need pampering too.. just in their own way. Indulge them with these gifts suitable for any man who loves the outdoors.


20 Manly Gift Ideas For The Outdoorsman Dad

Cold Steel Lite Knife

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The non-slip grip on this knife makes it a go-to for many tasks related to being outdoors. It’s easy to clean and comes with a pouch making it just as easy to carry.

Beard Oil “The Outdoorsman Blend”

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For the manly man who likes to smell good, this beard oil keeps his beard polished and scented. The citronella scent keeps the bugs away while the oil aides in itch relief.

Bass Pro Shops Brown Watch

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Never be lost for time with this watch made with the outdoors in mind. This watch is durable, yet fashionable.

Outdoorsman Cream – For Hunters by Hunters

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Made with organic beeswax, zinc oxide, and Shea butter, this outdoorsman cream will keep even the most toughened hands feeling good. This cream contains no alcohol, so you don’t have to worry about that dry feeling other creams can cause.

20/30 Degree Realtree Camo Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag is made to weather the cold. It’s rated for temperatures down to 20 degrees and is thickly insulated to keep you warm when the temp starts dropping.

American Outdoorsman Mens Bucket Cap

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Avoid funny tan lines caused by baseball style hats with this bucket style cap. It’s designed to keep the rays off of your face and neck, giving you all around protection. It’s well ventilated making it breathable and functional in hot climates.

Ostrich Deluxe Outdoorsman Chair

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Make fishing on the shore line comfortable with this chair. It folds flat to make carrying easy and even has a beverage and fishing pole holder as well as storage pockets to keep all your essential items within reach.

Black Bear Cub Climbing a Birch Pen Pencil Holder

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This pencil holder makes a great addition to any office desk. The realistic birch tree look adds a rustic touch to any room.

Warm and Spicy, No. 63 Men’s Shower Gel

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This shower gel is a blend of manly scents including cedar wood, citrus, violet leaves, and juicy plum combined to leave your man clean, and ready for the next adventure.

Whiskey & Tobacco Candle

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Whiskey and tobacco scents are combined to give your home or office  a pleasant scent. The candle comes with snappy snippets of spirits-related tidbits. The natural cork top makes it a perfect gift for your outdoorsman.

Call Of The Wild Crew Socks

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These thermal socks will keep his feet warm in the cold weather. This 4 pack of socks will last your hunter the entire weekend.

Into The Wild DVD

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A must see for any outdoorsman. Into The Wild is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless whose search for adventure lead him in the wild.

The Manteenยฎ Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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The Manteenยฎ is the canteen for men. It’s well insulated and made out of stainless steel to keep your beverage hot or cold all day long.

Waterproof Hooded Jacket

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This functional jacket has multiple pockets to hold all your supplies. It’s suitable for hiking, camping, fishing, mountaineering, and other outdoor sports. It’s designed to keep you warm and your gear conveniently located.

Waterproof Dry Bag with Waterproof Phone Case

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Keep your gear dry with this dry bag and waterproof phone case. No need to worry about moisture ruining your gear and supplies. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and can be ordered in your man’s favorite color.

Multifunctional Paracord Bracelet

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Equipped with a compass, fire starter, safety whistle and emergency knife, this bracelet will add safety to any adventure. It’s fashionable and functional making wearing it fun and useful. This bracelet is available in different sizes to fit most wrists.

Camping Hammock & Straps

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Enjoy the outdoors a little longer with this hammock. It’s easy to set up, lightweight for portability, and durable to ensure your safety. The quality is guaranteed and the set up takes little time. You’ll be peacefully swinging in seconds.

Camouflage Toilet Paper

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Nobody wants to be stuck without toilet paper in the woods when the urge strikes. Gift your number 1 outdoorsman this camouflage toilet paper and make going number 2 in the woods a little more comfortable.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Thermos

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This thermos is designed with portability in mind. It can easily clip to your backpack or belt loop, freeing up your hands. It’s well insulated to keep your drinks the perfect temperature.

Outdoor Gear and Grub Packed In A Manly Five Gallon Bucket

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All the gear your man needs, packed into a five gallon bucket. This ManBucket is a thrill to open and includes items such as a multitool, gloves, duct table, flashlight, and more.

How would you like to indulge your outdoorsman dad? Give him one or more of these gifts and make him feel special.

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