Marshmallow Wine Glasses

Marshmallow Wine Glasses

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I had a dream last night, I was eating a ten pound marshmallow. I woke up this morning and the pillow was gone.

Marshmallow Wine Glasses

Tommy Cooper ( – March 15, 1984)

#1 Wedding Gift Idea

Use that quote in your card and throw a bag of marshmallows in with your gift of a pillow and/or pillow cases.  Alternatively, you could stick with our printable for pillow cases.

Now a literary interlude… I am a lover of marshmallows.  When I went to university in England, I took marshmallows for home with me for study snacks because the ones in the UK taste different.  In New Zealand, it was pretty much standard to get a marshmallow on top of your mocha, a practice I can get behind!  I see the bags of super giant marshmallows in the grocery store and yearn for an excuse to purchase them…

I recently saw a post at Sweet Boutique on making super cute chocolate dipped marshmallows and tried it out the very next day for a party.  Yum.  Then I also saw the post on decorating with marshmallow flowers at Darling Doodles.  These all must be signs that I’m supposed to eat marshmallows, right?

When I was making the chocolate dipped marshmallows, which are super cute, I also got to thinking about how affordable they were to take as a treat.  One thing that is a drawback to candy filled wine glasses is the candy can start to get a tad bit pricey.  How do we make a creative AND affordable wedding gift?  Super-duper-delicious and colourful mini-marshmallows, of course!

I will warn that marshmallows go hard when they are left exposed to air for a long time, so this may be best as a wedding shower gift, where they can be eaten right away.  To make a reference to s’mores, you could even include some chocolate, such as those little individually wrapped ritter squares.  They will fit right inside most glasses.  YUM!



#2 Wedding Gift Idea

Mini-Marshmallow Filled Wine Glasses

Step 1 – Take the purchased wine glasses and wash them.

Step 2 – Fill with mini marshmallows and/or mini chocolates.

Step 3 – Wrap with cellophane, or place on a tray to display.

Step 4 – Attempt to convince the couple that everyone should eat the marshmallows immediately, because they are delicious.

Total Bonus Cost: ~$3.00

[So terribly sorry, but I am going to be on vacation and it will take awhile until I can get photos up here :-(  Rest assured, I have the marshmallows purchased and sitting in my pantry.  There WILL be photos, one day!]

Is anyone else as obsessed with marshmallows as me?  

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