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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Home

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Mother's Day Gifts for the Home

Mothers are superheroes, aren’t they? They’ve given birth to us, put up with us and have had to juggle numerous responsibilities whilst ensuring we’ve had the best possible upbringing.

Aside from the 24/7 job of being a mother, many are also proud homemakers that create beautiful homes out of a plain old house. The home is often mother’s nest and her safest domain, so here are some touching gift ideas that will add a special feature and send a loving message not just on Mother’s Day, but all year round.

The Lounge

In the living room or lounge, you’ll want something that will add character and cosiness when you sit down after a long day with a cup of tea or tuck into a good book on the sofa. The French Bedroom have a great range of unique and quirky products including a set of warm, lit-up letters that spell ‘love’. Bold ornamental features like this are undeniably chic and can be placed on the mantelpiece or on the wall for an atmospheric and caring reminder.  Small accent touches like the letters can be moved between different rooms and changed out, in order to spice up your home decor at an affordable price.

The Kitchen

Kitchens always seem to become littered with notes and calendars of shopping lists and important dates. Instead, create a positive affirmation board to write daily loving messages on for your mum to read whilst she’s busy in the kitchen. Ebay have a great range of chalk reminder boards with a rustic feel, but why not make your own? All you need is a wooden board, some chalkboard paint and a couple of pieces of chalk to write with. DIY hands at the ready!  The internet has tonnes and tonnes of inspirational quotes and sayings, or you can write personal messages, just for your mum.

The Bathroom

Every mum deserves to be pampered. Create a spa-like experience in the home with perfectly blended, all-natural body scrubs and bath teas. In case you’re wondering what on earth bath tea is, it’s a mixture of herbs, botanicals and salts to sprinkle in a relaxing bath or exfoliate the body. You can even create your very own combination of ingredients that your mum will love. With a unique, thoughtful gift like this, you really cannot go wrong this Mother’s Day.  Bath teas come in all sorts of combinations, from good for the skin to relaxing lavender, allowing you to customize your “tea box” for your mum.

So brighten up your mum’s home this Mother’s Day and gift her something that will last… Oh, along with that beautiful bunch of flowers! Mums just love flowers – it’s a fact.

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