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10 Necessities for a Perfect Easter Brunch

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Hosting an Easter brunch is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. It gives your guests a chance to enjoy Easter services or a morning Easter egg hunt before sitting down to a delicious meal together. But before you send out invitations for this yearโ€™s Easter brunch, there are a few items you need to be sure to have on hand. Consider getting these 10 necessities for a perfect Easter brunch.

10 Fantastic Necessities For A Perfect Easter Brunch

If you found yourself hosting a brunch for Easter, you’ll want to add these items to your list. 

Accent Plates

Adding festive dinnerware to your Easter spread is a great way to make your Easter brunch special. But hosting Easter brunch at your house doesnโ€™t mean you need to purchase all new dinnerware. A great way to add a festive touch to your existing dishes is to purchase a set of accent plates to add to each table setting. A set of spring-inspired salad plates is the perfect addition to your Easter table setting. When purchasing accent pieces for your existing dinnerware, keep in mind the style of your plates in addition to look of the accent piece youโ€™re purchasing to ensure they look well together.

Serving Dishes

Another simple way to spruce up your table for Easter brunch is to add a few holiday-themed serving dishes to the mix. A bunny serving dish is a wonderful way to add a festive touch to your food display at your Easter brunch. Or add a fun rabbit shaped serving bowl to your table for a cute Easter addition to your brunch display.

Deviled Egg Dish

Whether you enjoy Easter brunch or Easter dinner, deviled eggs are a staple at any Easter meal. Theyโ€™re a crowd favorite, as well as an easy way to use up all of those Easter eggs after the morning egg hunt. But a traditional serving dish isnโ€™t the best way to serve up all of those yummy egg halves because they slide all around the plate. Thatโ€™s why you should be sure to have a deviled egg dish on hand for your Easter brunch.

Cloth Napkins

Easter napkins are another easy way to add some holiday spirit to your Easter brunch. In addition to thinking about ways you can incorporate Easter themes into your brunch display, you should also consider how each element complements the other Easter items on your table. Choosing cloth napkins in a beautiful spring pastel is a wonderful way to add Easter cheer to your table without going overboard on the holiday motifs.

Three-Pot Slow Cooker

Having a selection of muffins and pastries is great for brunch, but youโ€™ll also want to serve a few hot dishes at your meal. To make sure your hot food stays warm while your guests eat, a slow cooker is a great option. And if you have more than one warm item on your menu, a three-pot slow cooker is the way to go. It will keep three different hot dishes warm throughout the meal, but doesnโ€™t take up as much space as three large slow cookers would on the table.

Coffee Server

Coffee is one of the most important drinks youโ€™ll serve at your Easter brunch. Ensure it stays warm throughout the meal by serving it in an insulated coffee server. A sleek stainless steel coffee carafe is a wonderful way to offer coffee to your guests during your Easter meal.

Table Runner

Add a little Easter cheer to your brunch tabletop with a simple Easter table runner. A table runner is the perfect way to add a pop of color to the table or incorporate a fun Easter theme, like colorful eggs or hopping bunnies, into your Easter brunch dรฉcor. Whether you add the runner to your dinner table for your guests to enjoy or use it as an accent piece on your food display, a festive table runner is an easy way to decorate for the holiday.

Waffle Maker

No brunch menu would be complete without waffles. Be sure to have plenty of your guestโ€™s favorite brunch item by having an extra-large waffle maker on hand for Easter brunch. And donโ€™t forget to keep it warm during brunch! That way, you can have a selection of fresh waffles available to your guests throughout the meal.

Champagne Glasses

Just as waffles are a favorite brunch food, mimosas are a classic brunch drink. Make sure you have plenty of orange juice and champagne on hand to mix up the popular beverage during the meal. And have plenty of champagne glasses available to your guests for them to enjoy the bubbly drink as they eat Easter brunch.

Placemat Entertainment

Keeping the kids entertained while the adults enjoy their meal can be a challenge. Make sure all the kids are occupied at your Easter brunch by setting out a handful of Easter activity placemats at the kidโ€™s table. These fun placemats include mazes, word searches, and coloring templates that will keep the kids occupied before and after the holiday meal.


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