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Salsa and Sausages

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The last few weeks have been fun in world-of-Anne. Β If you follow me on twitter, which you absolutely should, you will know that I got a fancy new phone this week. I’m still figuring out how to use it, and how to type without a million errors, but hey, it’s pretty slick.

I also made a ton of mango salsa, my spouse made some delicious sausages from scratch, we made bacon (from scratch, so yummy!), we had friends come to visit and this long weekend my parent’s are coming to visit. Last weekend we went fishing and had sausages by the river, too. Whoo!


It’s a giveaway time of year! Have you entered my $250 cash giveaway at yet? You should get on that, it’s open worldwide! Β If you’re a blogger, you should also stop by there every Friday, to link up your posts.

Pauline is celebrating the one year anniversary of Make Money Your Way with a $500 cash or an iPad Mini Giveaway!

Mario was trying to read my mind this week when he posted 10 Variations on Hummus. I’m going to have to become a food blogger, at least in part, I think, because I spend so much time cooking things.

Gallery owners Lisa Diamond Katz and Shira Wood take on some of the challenges of Buying Art as a Gift and offer up their tips.

Wedding gift registries can be quite the experience. Β Michelle dishes up some excellent tips and pointers, mostly things she learned the hard way, in her post A Tale of Two Coffee Makers: Advice for the Wedding Registry. I highly recommend that you go check it out. Β If you are struggling to come up with ideas of what to register for when you have everything, definitely check out our massive, massive post on the topic.


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