Silly and Cheap St. Patrick's Day Gift Ideas
Silly and Cheap St. Patrick's Day Gift Ideas

Silly and Cheap St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

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Silly and Cheap St. Patrick's Day Gift Ideas

[Photo – CC Attribution – guy schmidt]

Saint Patrick’s Day is Sunday, March 17, 2013. ย For most people, it’s a lovely excuse to drink to excess and pretend to be Irish. ย I myself am Irish… but the wrong type. ย St. Patrick’s Day passes without much fanfare in Northern Ireland, or so I’ve been told by my relatives. ย If you’d like to read more on the topic, here’s the Wikipedia page.

PS – I have to thank the radio the other morning for giving me several of these gift ideas and inspiring this post.

To mark this generallyย inauspicious occasion, consider some of the following fun gift ideas for your family or significant other:

  • Irish Spring Soap ย (or Gel Douche, as they called it on the radio)
  • Lucky Charms – I wrote a bunch about cereal puns once.
  • Notre Dame Football swag – The Fighting Irish
  • Licorice –ย What’s a British soldier’s favourite snack?ย Lick-Irish. ย (PunGents)
  • Themed T shirt – ReKixx Recyclable Sneakers makes some good green ones (I have two!), or check out Old Navy.
  • A questionable rock music CD – aka some “sham rock”
  • Baileys –ย The Dubliner tried to quit drinking, but wasย Bailey able. ย (PunGents)
  • Green Ring-pop “from the Emerald Isle”
  • Guinness – Is a tester of Irish beers aย Guinness pig?ย (PunGents)
  • Green pancakes
  • Gold Coins, or some loonies to be coffee money!
  • Green latte – just add a few drops of food colouring to your milk or milk-alternative.
  • Blame leprechauns for everything all day long.

For fun, consider grabbing one of the things above to make your Sunday a bit out of the ordinary.

Pro Tip: It is probably too late to buy green food colouring already. ย If you need some, run out and try to get it now.

Do you have any silly and cheap St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas to suggest??

10 thoughts on “Silly and Cheap St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. John S @ Frugal Rules

    "•Guinness – Is a tester of Irish beers a Guinness pig" Lol! I'll have to share this with my wife…she LOVES Guinness! My wife's family is part Irish and her Mom usually sends all sorts of little things for us for the Holiday.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Oh, that's so much fun! I am definitely not a fan of Guinness, myself.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      As kids, we always made scrambled eggs with food colouring, too… but that always turned off people outside of my family!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Ohhh fun! I myself do not care for Guinness. I've found it slightly palatable when it has some Ribena in it, but even then, the only stuff I've managed to drink was when I was in Dublin.

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