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Start Here!

Are you tired of being stumped for gift ideas?

Anniversaries. Birthdays. Christmas. Valentine’s. Hannukah. Graduation. Baby Showers. Engagements…

Don’t worry.  We’ve got your back.

Do you think “picking a gift off of the registry list is So Boring”?

It doesn’t have to be, pinky swear.

We’ve got your back.


Unique Gifter is a site full of IDEAS (great ones, if I don’t say so myself).  Sometimes, the ideas will include links to a place to purchase all or part of the gift idea.

If the idea of picking something off of a wedding registry just seems, well, boring, then you’re in the right place.  We can help you jazz them up.

All of the gift ideas are organized into categories, which you can browse through. 

Oh Yes

My name is Anne, and I do most of the idea-generating around here.  You can learn some more about me, if you’d like.

I believe that there is a lot more to giving a gift than simply spending money.  They are about

Thank YOU for visiting!

Seriously! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by, check out some ideas, and spread some gifting love.  If you are feeling stumped, we would love to try to help you out.  Click over here to send us a message.  I do my best to respond within a few days, and really love hearing from you.

Happy Gifting!

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