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Gifts for your meme Trash Friends | Hilarious online jokes | what to buy a redditor | unique gifts for millennials | fun gifts for people who love memes | nick cage meme gifts | gag gifts for internet jokes | birthday gifts for geeks | Christmas presents for nerds | Nerdy & Geeky gift inspiration | gifts for my boyfriend | Gifts for my girlfriend | Crazy gifts

They’re the deepest, darkest form of internet humor. The ever changing, ever repeating, often random cataclysm that has forever shaped our joking landscape. That is, the internet meme. You’re meme trash. Your friends are. Here’s some gifts so you don’t mess up their birthdays or something. Nut Button Buy Now When someone buys you a …

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These gift ideas for Internet Friends are the BEST! | Online Friends | Birthday Gifts | Gift Ideas for People You Haven't Met in Person | Presents for Far Away Friends | Christmas Ideas

Internet friends are real friends. Get them a little something to show that you love and care about them even if you can’t see them in person much or at all. Any of these gifts are sure to make your internet besties smile. Gift Ideas for Internet Friends All these gift choices are perfect for …

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