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Gift Idea: Old Money

We might not be able to become old money, but we can still buy some actual old money! A few weeks ago on twitter (follow me!), a few of us ended up chatting about money collections that we have from our travels, or from gifts.  Liquid Independence brought up the idea of giving a gift of …

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Creative Cash Gift Rolling in Dough

  This is a creative way to give a cash gift that is best suited as a wedding gift or possibly a housewarming gift.  Please ignore my lacklustre photography in this one, I was in a huge rush and wanted to grab a quick picture on my phone.  I have to thank two of my …

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  Yes.  We bought all the things.  But first, I would like to introduce you to our new staff writer, Adina!  Her first piece went up last Friday, called Fashionista Gift Ideas.  She will write about all sorts of things I know nothing about, for example, fashion! Adina is a 30-something professional, wife, and mother …

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