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Trap, Cheap Cheese and Dentists

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Happy Friday, y’all!

Today it is finally gorgeous out again, but it is a work day, darn. This past little bit I have gone trap shooting (lots of fun!), scored an amazing deal on cheese (about which I have drafted a post for my super-secret new site), and made it to the dentist. Not too shabby!

Here are some odds and ends from the internet:

This is a super-sweet video on how to make a very workable camp stove out of a beer can. I was not expecting to be impressed, but I really was. Maybe I’ll try making one of these this weekend.

I have been writing for Travel Blue Book for a few months now. Β Here are some of my more recently live posts:

Elsewhere on the internet, Shannon is at it again over at Young Adult Money. Β This week she wrote 5 Gifts for Your Frugal Wife.

Sarita again shows usΒ how to gorgeously wrap a gift, which remains something I am horrible at actually doing, most of the time.

Kathleen has it in for me. She keeps writing about Why You Shouldn’t Blog Anonymously. She’s trying hard, maybe one day she’ll convince me.

Elsewhere, I have a TON of projects going on, primarily online and I can’t wait until they are at a point where I can share them with everyone. Β I am oh-so-close with one of them. I need to write a bit more and then I will be fully live! Another one is a ways out, but if you are a blogger or freelancer and want to be a beta tester for me, I would love to
hear from you

What are your plans for the weekend?

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