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Unusual and Unique Watches

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Unusual and Unique Watches

Watches are a popular gift which are given the world over. Not only do they range wildly in price and variety – thereby ensuring that almost anyone can afford a watch – but as a gift they are suitable for the majority of special occasions.

Within the world of watches, however, there are certain tiers of fabulous timepieces which boast features unavailable to the majority of everyday watches. These features may be cosmetic or they may be functional but they all share one common element – they are what mark these watches out as truly unique.

The Luxurious Explorer’s Watch

The Omega Seamaster watch is a timepiece like no other. This beautiful watch is truly distinctive, with its domed sapphire crystal glass front and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal strap. But this watch isn’t just beautiful, it’s also incredibly hard wearing and designed to withstand the crushing pressures of the ocean depths. This is a professional diver’s watch which is fit for a king. You could even say it’s the ‘Indiana Jones’ of watches, as it would look equally at home in the sophisticated setting of a white tie ball as it would on the wrist of a seasoned explorer.

The Open Face Watch

There are plenty of open face watches on the market, but none are as striking as the Bernex Swiss Gold Plates Mechanical Skeleton pocket watch. This gorgeous time piece is a true collector’s item and boasts beautiful gold plating, viewable internal mechanical movements and roman numerals around the outer edge. A pocket watch may not be as wearable as a wrist watch but will certainly add something special to your sartorial style, especially given the popularity and abundance of vintage fashions on display at the moment.

The Binary Watch

For the truly mathematically minded among us, the binary watch makes for the perfect present. Instead of a traditional mechanical hand or digital numeral readout, the binary watch instead gives the wearer the time in binary code. There are plenty of binary watches available to buy but it’s very rare that you will see someone actually wearing one, as learning to tell the time in binary is a skill unto itself.

An Eco Watch

Eco consumerism is on the rise, and there is no better way to show you care than buy looking for an eco-friendly watch. But conservation isn’t all Birkenstocks and recycling. Plenty of well-known designers are integrating eco-friendly materials into their collections, and this includes luxury watchmakers. The Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk is the perfect example of a high end watch which has the added bonus of being solar powered.

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