Cute Easter Snack Ideas

from unique gifter

Chocolate Easter Chick

This chick so cute! It's made from a surprise egg and sits on a nest; perfect for feeding a group.

Granola Easter Egg Birds Nests

These little birds nests are super cute (and kind of healthy) snack ideas for both kids and adults. Make the nest and add some M&Ms as the "eggs" for a treat!

Easter Cake Pops

These cake pops are shaped like eggs and decorated with fun Eater colored sprinkles! Perfect for a fun, no mess snack.

Pretzel Chicks

These chicks are an adorable Easter or spring themed snack idea for kids and toddlers! 

Birds Nest Snacks

These no bake birds nest are made with dried noodles and just a few ingredients for a cute and easy Easter snack. Top with the mini egg brand of your choice!