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5 Mistakes People Make with Their Gift Guides (& How You Can Avoid Them)

Are you leaving money on the table?

Be Ready for Holidays

Get your gift guides set up for success before the next holiday comes along.

Use Our 5 Years of Perfecting

We've spent 5 years perfecting the art of the gift guide - and have a lot to share as a result.

A Good Gift Guide Earns $500 A Year.

A Great Gift Guide Earns Thousands.

If you have a blog, and your gift guide hasn't made you at least $500, you're probably making one of these 5 mistakes.

These 5 Mistakes are Common and Preventable

Gift guides are a path to recurring income. Ahh, the elusive passive income. It sure isn't passive at the beginning, but it pays out for years.

Yes, years.

The beauty of creating gift guides and building up your affiliate marketing strategy is that you do the work up front and then your gift guides bring in revenue over and over and over again.

Unfortunately, we see these mistakes constantly. There's more to an effective gift guide strategy than tossing up a few links and hoping for the best.

Do you suck at making money with gift guides? Take this #blogging quiz to find out how to optimize your #christmas income Are you making these 5 mistakes that stop you from earning money online? Find out now and fix them fast, so you can increase your passive income from your blog. I'm always learning about how to increase my online income, especially when it's easy tweaks to make! I was making these 5 mistakes and had to learn how to fix them ASAP so I could make more money blogging.   Are you making these mistakes? I was and I'm so glad that I learned how to fix them all! My affiliate marketing income from my blog has increased since I figured them all out. Take the quiz now so you can learn from my mistakes and set yourself up for success.   Are you making these 5 mistakes with your gift guides? Take the quiz and find out! There's constant learning in the blogging world, I'm so glad to learn from other people who have figured things out.

Don't Leave Money on the Table!

We've helped people just like you make simple changes to their gift guides, that increased their passive income.


We don't use sleazy, pushy sales tactics.

We just help you make pretty, optimized gift guides that your audience actually wants.

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