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My name is Anne, I live in Canada and occasionally shop in the United States (I love you Amazon). When I got married, like many people before me, I was *ahem* astounded at some of the “thoughtful” gifts we received.

Additionally, my lil’ bro is getting got married and I discovered that I was having way too much fun dreaming up creative gifts which were still listed on his registry.  That said, I was generally disappointed with the search results I found for terms like “creative wedding gift,” “personal touch wedding gift,” or “unique wedding gift.”  So, here I am, hoping to pull together a good resource and community for inspired gift giving.

When I’m not dreaming up ways to give gifts, my regular internet haunts are usually on the subject of personal finance or the news.  Where I live, there are lots of outdoor activities to be had.  In winter, I am coerced into skiing and am apparently tolerably good at it, but figure skating is my jam. In the summer I like to road bike and cross country bike.  I also like to consume a good amount of delicious wine.  I have collected a degree or two in economics, with study abroad programs and exchanges allowing me to study in 3 different countries at 4 institutions.  Thus far, my travels have taken me to live in England and travel much of Europe, live in New Zealand and travel there as well as Australia, plus travel some of South America.

Your participation is key to make this the best it can be, please comment away and email all of your suggestions!  Thanks for stopping by.
Please ignore the dangling preposition in the last line, my grammar is hit or miss. 

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