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Harry Potter gifts for adult fans | What to buy for an adult who likes Harry Potter | Unique Harry Potter Adult Gift Ideas | Special Harry Potter Gifts | Adult Gifts for A Harry Potter Fan | #HarryPotter #adult #gifts

Today’s adults were the kids who grew up reading Harry Potter and watching the movies as they released. With new movies and book releases the fandom is far from gone, and likewise to an adult fan’s love of Harry Potter. These gift ideas were picked specifically with an adult Harry Potter fans in mind. Muggle …

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Gift Ideas for Those Who Love New Girl | What to buy a New Girl TV Show Fan for A Gift | New Girl Gift Ideas | Fan Worthy New Girl Presents | What To Buy a Friend Who Like New Girl For Their Birthday | Funny New Girl Gift Ideas | New Girl Lovers Presents | #Fan #NewGirl #GiftIdeas

Say “hey there sailor” to this list of awesome New Girl themed gifts perfect for the Jessica Day in your life! If you are a fan of the New Girl series than you might enjoy and get a laugh or two out of these gift ideas below! I love the show and think these Jess …

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Gifts for Adults reading Graphic Novels | What to buy for someone who reads Graphic Novels | The best graphic novels | Book list of graphic novels | Birthday Gifts for a fan of Graphic Novels | #Christmas Ideas for a Person Who Likes Graphic Novels | #Christmas #GraphicNovels #Books

Graphic novels weren’t a thing when I was growing up. Comics, the floppies, on those spinning racks were. I devoured one superhero book after another until Marvel played the epic crossovers card one too many time and my preteen budget couldn’t bear it anymore. It wasn’t until college that I returned to the world of …

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Christmas Gifts for Firefly (Serenity) Fans | What to buy for a Firefly Fan | Serenity Firefly Fan | Firefly Fan | Presents to buy for a Firefly Serenity Fan | Geek #Christmas Gift Ideas | Holiday gifts for a Serenity Fan | Epic Gifts For Firefly Fans | #firefly #serenity #gifts

The first time I was introduced to the Firefly series, the entire family was crowded around to gauge my reaction. NO PRESSURE, GUYS. Luckily, I was so enthralled that by the end of the first episode, when Simon expresses doubt about the Captain’s trustworthiness, I snorted and replied to him word for word as Captain …

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Useful Gifts for First Time Women Comic Con Attendees | What to Buy a First Time Women Going to Comic Con | Comic Con Antendee Gift Ideas | Women Comic Con Attendees Gifts | Presents For First Time At Comic Con | Travel Gift Ideas | #womengifts #travelpresents #Gift

Long long ago, I discovered the wonders of San Diego Comic Con and have been addicted to the annual event ever since. I learned what to bring by trial and error, especially as the Convention grew full to bursting from one year to the next, and am getting packing down to science. I’d better, I’ll …

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