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For anyone who is curious, this is a self-hosted wordpress blog that uses the Genesis framework. Yes, most of that was mumbo-jumbo to me as well, before I decided I was going to jump right in and try to make a website/blog. The internet is your friend when it comes to learning how to use the internet!

I started by using HostGator as a host and jumped ship over to BigScoots, who are much, much better at customer service and uptime. They have shared hosting packages for a few dollars a month, and if you use the BigScoots promotional code GK16637RXG2M it will save you $10 off of your bill!

I used a free wordpress theme to start, but later moved to the Genesis Framework thanks to some help from Nuts and Bolts Media (highly recommended!)  It is definitely worthwhile to pay the extra dollars for a good theme, otherwise you may find yourself in a pickle at some point, like I did.

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