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If you have a good one, you know that your Personal Trainer is your biggest cheerleader. Sure, they push you hard, often harder than you’d like, but they do it for your own good. As a Trainer myself, I sometimes ask my clients to do things they’d rather not do. But I know that later …

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Gift Ideas for Someone Doing the Whole 30 Diet | Reset Recipe gifts | Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs | What to get someone on a diet | Fun Food Gifts | Christmas Presents for fitness freaks | What to buy someone who is GF | Birthday presents for healthy people

Whole30 is focused on little to no sugar, mainly eating meats and vegetables, and is pretty limiting compared to some other diets. So if you have a friend who is doing a round of Whole30 (which is a month long, by the way), then get them some gear to make it easier! They will definitely …

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Gift Ideas for Marathon Runners | Birthday Presents for Runners | Jogging Gifts | Christmas Gift Ideas | Birthday Gifts | Birthdays | Men | Women | Husband | Wife | Daughter | 26.2 | 42.2

Marathon racers are a special breed. They live for the race, to push their bodies further than they ever imagined they could go and to accomplish a great thing such as running 26.2 miles! I would love to share with you some gift ideas for the marathon runner in your life who is special to …

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