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Valentine's Day and Sharethelove

Valentine’s is here, shortly anyway.  First, we have to successfully make it through Friday the 13th.  I love the timing on that, I won’t lie. There are a great number of reasons to boycott Valentine’s Day, and it may sound odd that I am kind of one of those people, especially given that I write …

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Television Wedding Gifts & A Giveaway

I received a very timely email the other day, about participating in an amazing giveaway of a fancy television!  Why was it so timely?  I had just read a forum post on weddingbee, where someone was worried that adding a $1600 television set to a wedding registry wouldn’t be appropriate.  You can read the original …

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Monogrammed Wedding Gifts (& A BIG Giveaway!)

Monograms are not usually front and center in our modern lives, until an occasion like a wedding or sometimes a birth.  Seeing as I write about wedding gift ideas, I thought I should get around to the topic!  Monogram etiquette is a complicated matter with a lot of fuzziness on current accepted practice.  For a …

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Reenie’s blog about how group gifts are like a giant hug.  Today I would like to talk a bit more about one of the gifts I spoke about, a DSLR camera as a gift.  The extra-awesome part?  Thanks to the generosity of Structured Settlement Quotes, a …

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Kindle Fire Review and Giveaway

The good people at Staples Canada emailed me the other day with an opportunity that sounded pretty darn swell for me and more importantly, for you! They, like you, are gearing up for Back to School time, and think that the Kindle Fire is a great gift for teachers, students and parents. They have even been …

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