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Gifts for Teachers

[Photo – CC Attribution – tanakawho] Gifts for Teachers Just because I left the field of teaching doesn’t mean I think teachers don’t deserve a lot of praise. And what’s slightly better than praise is real, live gifts. Here’s a little-known-truth: your child’s teacher would never straight-up ask you for a gift, but there isn’t …

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Save on Gifts This Year with These Tips

[Photo – CC Attribution Share Alike – swimparallel] The following is a guest post.  If you are interested in guest posting on Unique Gifter, please Contact Me. If, like many people, the Christmas season will leave a yawning hole in your bank account, you may now be wondering how to make the most of what …

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Cheap Winter Date Ideas

[Photo Source – Tourism Montreal] Hi Folks – apologies for the radio silence.  My computer and the internet are not being friends, which makes it primarily a large, expensive paperweight.  Today I am very pleased to present a guest post from Catherine at Plunged in Debt.  I wrote a guest post for her a few …

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Googly Eyed Gift

[Photo – CC Attribution Share Alike – rkelland] Today I am happy to announce a blog swap, with Kim from Eyes on the Dollar.  I am posting over at her site – come check it out! With every holiday season, there is always someone on your list that tests your gift giving skills. You know …

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The Best Wedding Gift Interview

[Photo – CC Attribution – Robert Couse-Baker] Hi Folks – I am very excited to announce the first in what I hope will be a long lasting series of interview-style guest blog posts.  Many thanks to K.K. of Living Debt Free Rocks for being the first brave soul!  She has very recently had a wedding, …

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