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Kim Mlangeni

Kim Mlangeni is a media enthusiast who enjoys a good laugh and the finer things in life like a matured glass of wine. She is all about living life to the fullest and always working towards achieving her dreams. Born and raised in South Africa she is a diamond in the rough. She has an eye for detail and enjoys snuggling up with a good book. A cartwheel a day keeps the doctor away.

Being a DJ is an entertaining job, attending parties without having to pay and staying late into the night helping the crowds party away. Once in a while they also deserve some kind of appreciation, apart from a drunk and partied up you telling them, ’thank you for playing that last song it’s my hundredth …

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Gift Ideas for an Older Couple | Grandparent Gift Ideas | Gifts for my Parents | Fun presents for my neighbors | What to get an older couple that I know for Christmas | What to buy an older couple as an anniversary gift

Having a couple to look up to that can advise you on your love journey can be very beneficial for you and your partner. Knowing that there have been others who have walked a similar journey as you and are still on the pursuit for happiness should make you feel even better about where you …

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Gift Ideas for someone with breast cancer | cancer patient gifts | what to get a friend who just got diagnosed with breast cancer | breast cancer survival | radiation therapy | chemotherapy gifts

Having breast cancer can seem like the end of the world, not only for the person who has it but for their family and friends as well. We can all use some cheering up to get us through the rainy days but cancer patients may need it just a little more. Here are 20 gift …

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Gift Ideas for a lawyer | Creative Gifts for lawyers | Christmas and Birthday present ideas for careers | Legal gifts | Lawyer gift ideas | passing the bar celebration gifts | court case completion gifts | Thank you gift ideas | What to buy a lawyer | Legal grad gift ideas | Office decor for a lawyer | law office

Now that they have the law literally in their hands buying them something illegal wouldn’t be your best bet. Here is a list of 20 gift ideas you can get a lawyer and hopefully when you in trouble they can come to your rescue. Gift Ideas for a Lawyer Personalized Whiskey Decanter Buy Now Now …

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Gift Ideas for Football Fans | What to buy an NFL fan for Christmas | Great Birthday present ideas for a guy who loves football | What to get a tailgater | Big Game Gifts

Football fans are a family unit and sometimes need support themselves. Here are 20 gift ideas that you can use to help other football fans kick in their enthusiasm. Gift Ideas for Football Fans Gourmet Nut Medium Gift Tray Buy Now No one ever says no to free food, trust! 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED …

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