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Housewarming Gifts for Geeks | Nerdy Home Decor | Fun gifts to get friends who moved | Moving in together gifts | Creative gifts for a new house | Housewarming party gifts | Presents for my nerd friends #housewarming #gifts

It always warms my heart when a friend knows my fandoms well enough to pick a practical and totally geeky gift. Among my favorites: a Doctor Who robe, and my PChan keychain. You should know that such a wide array of fandoms out there this only scratches the surface, but it’s a good start! Housewarming …

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Epic Gifts for Game Night | What to buy for a game night | Fun games for a game night | Gift ideas for game night with friends | Birthday game night ideas | Christmas Games to Play | Unique Game Night Gift Ideas | What to buy a friend for a game night | #gamenight #present #giftidea

Do you have a board gaming group of friends? Do you want to start one? Potluck game nights seem to be the Thing these days, and why not? It seems like a whole lot of fun with the right mix of people, and games to play! In order of age appropriateness, check out this plethora …

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Astronomy Gifts for Adults | Birthday presents for a guy who loves space | Fun Christmas presents for a girl into star watching | Constellation gifts | Gifts for studying the planets | Boyfriend Gifts | Girlfriend Presents | Fun Space Lover Gifts | Space Opera Inspiration | Geek Gifts | Nerdy Gift Ideas | Nerd Presents

Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you have to end your love affair with space. These gifts are definitely out of this world for any astronomy lover in your life, and they aren’t astronomically expensive, either! Astronomy Gifts for Adults NightWatch Book Buy Now This book is exactly what any aspiring astronomer needs: …

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Food Gag Gifts | #joke gift ideas | #gifts that teenagers will love | Dad joke ideas | Funny pranks for office workers | Creative prank ideas for April's Fools Day or Christmas Stocking Stuffers | What to buy to make people laugh | How to have fun at work

Food gags gifts are beautifully cruel. These novelty treats range from funny jokes to absolutely disgusting. They’re the perfect way to troll your friends or nail a white elephant gift exchange. Go ahead, try some yourself. Food Gag Gifts Chocolate iPhone Buy Now Great for the kids! This chocolate bar is packaged like an iPhone …

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Astronaut Theme Gifts for Adults | Space Lover Gifts for my Boyfriend | Outer Space Gift Ideas for my Girlfriend | Fun Birthday Presents for my Wife | Nerd Gift Ideas for my Husband | Christmas Present Inspiration | Space Opera | Space Cats | Astronaut Fun | Chris Hadfield Inspiration | Nerdy Gifts | Geek Gifts | Geeky Gifts | Constellations

Space: the final frontier. These gifts are perfect for someone who loves astronauts or but sadly cannot be one. Surely they have the space in their homes to add in one of these astronaut-themed gifts that are (mostly) for adults. Astronaut-Theme Gifts Dress For the Job You Want Mug Buy Now Just dress in a …

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