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Birthdays Of vrooming clips and delicious cars

Today’s post is another guest post, brought to us by Vijay.  I originally found him via a guest post on Sarita’s blog I Love Gifting, where he had the sweetest idea for a “welcome home” for his bride.   It is the first link below and I definitely recommend checking it out! Of vrooming clips and …

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Creative Cash Gift ChocolateTreasure

[Photo CC Attribution Theodore Scott] As always, I am writing about the best wedding gift ever – cash.  If you want more ideas, or to see some justification and tips for giving cash as a gift, please visit the Cash Gift Ideas page. Today’s idea is a gift of gold coins and treasure!  Yay gold …

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DIY Advent Calendar | Advent Calendar Ideas | Things to Put in Advent Calendars | Creative Advent Ideas | Christmas Calendars

Like the Christmasy spirited person you are, or at least try to be, you can think of no better way to actively anticipate the arrival of Christmas Day than with an advent calendar. I personally can’t stand the cheap chocolate advent calendars. Waxy brown squares bring no pleasure to this chocolate lover. And I realize …

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What to buy him this Christmas Men are notoriously tricky to buy gifts for at Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a new boyfriend, an old flame, your brother, your ‘bro or your father, there always seem to be the same lacklustre options – socks, hipflasks, handkerchiefs, ludicrous novelty boxers and more socks. …

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