Creative Cash Gift Chocolate Treasure

Creative Cash Gift: ChocolateTreasure

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As always, I am writing about the best wedding gift ever – cash.  If you want more ideas, or to see some justification and tips for giving cash as a gift, please visit the Cash Gift Ideas page.

Creative Cash Gift ChocolateTreasure


Today’s idea is a gift of gold coins and treasure!  Yay gold and treaure!  Plus, it gets even better, there’s chocolate too!

I went on a meander through a local discount shop and found a nice string of gigantic loonies (Canadian dollar coins) made out of chocolate, for $1 (+ tax).  I picked them up and brought them home.  It turns out that there are 10 coins in my stash, so I would like a ten letter word, to use as the password for an email money transfer. Transfers are one of the most secure and easiest ways you can give a cash gift.  Now on to that 10 letter word – the solution?   Just google “list of 10 letter words” or whichever number of coins you need to fill up.  It works shockingly well, such as this huge list I found here.  Before selecting a word, make sure that your bank will allow you to use it as an eTransfer password.


Next, pick out a word that is appropriate for the occasion, person, or has a memory.  It is important to make sure it’s pretty easy to unscramble, so they’re not wrong when they go to receive the transfer!


I picked the word “COMMITMENT” … for no particular reason, as this is just an example!  Write each letter onto a coin with  a permanent marker.  Make sure you don’t smudge it!


Next, wrap it up!  You can use earth-destroying cellophane like I did, use a small drawstring bag or you could make a mini pirate’s chest like this printable one.  You may even be able to find a toy pirate ship for a good price.  Bonus points if you go to White Spot and ask them for a Pirate Pack to use!  (Alas, I cannot find any pictures with image rights I can use – here’s a Search to look at though!)  Add in your card and you’re set!


Dear Kris and Kerri

Thank you for letting us share in your day, which will give you memories to treasure for years to come.  We wanted to give you a little extra treasure, to make it even better.  Unscramble the secret message, to use as the password for an email money transfer we have sent to Kerri for $XXX.  The password is all in caps.  rest of message…


Dear Kris and Kerri

Now that you have some booty of your own, here is a little extra to help you in the future.  Unscramble the secret message to deposit the email money transfer we’ve sent to Kris for $XXX.  The password is all in caps.  rest of message…

This is a fun and unique way to give a cash gift, which would also work well for a birthday or Christmas present.  You could take it as a destination wedding gift, too, but it’s probably best for one of those on-continent destinations as the chocolate will melt easily in the heat!

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