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Drumroll please… this is a creative and unique wedding gift, that’s also FREE.  Yup, $0.  Well, it does take a little bit of time, which you should value more than $0.  Sorry, I’m an economist.  Free is such an attractive price for the frugal, cheap or broke who need to come up with a wedding …

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When it comes to inspired wedding gift ideas, starting at the wedding gift registry there are some rather strong themes that emerge, especially when it comes to china and tableware.  I’ve covered teapots once before, writing about teapot wedding gift top ups, and a selection of teapot and teacup poems.  This May my spouse and …

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Engagement Gift Idea - Family Tree Flashcards

  Have any of you married into a large family?  Perhaps one that has branches overseas or across the country, so you didn’t have an opportunity to meet anyone before the big day?  When my Aunt got married, she went through photo albums with my Uncle, over and over again, because he was going to …

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