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Who else is Twitter obsessed? Sherlock Holmes! Here's gift ideas for fans of Sherlock. | Birthday | Christmas | Anniversary

Sherlock Holmes has been updated from Victorian Era crime solver to modern day, Twitter obsessed hero in the BBC series. With the popularity of the later it’s more than likely there’s someone in your life who’s a fan of the series. So, here’s 20 gift ideas for fans of Sherlock to make your life easier. …

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Did you just find yourself acting as a Best Man, or a Groomsman and you now have the question, “What’s a good wedding gift from a groomsman?”  Is your friend not a foodie and a cursory glance at the wedding registry makes you think that all of the gift ideas are too girly, or too …

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Television Wedding Gifts & A Giveaway

I received a very timely email the other day, about participating in an amazing giveaway of a fancy television!  Why was it so timely?  I had just read a forum post on weddingbee, where someone was worried that adding a $1600 television set to a wedding registry wouldn’t be appropriate.  You can read the original …

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