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The Importance of Gift Wrapping (With Ideas)

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My friend Sarita writes about gifting, at her blog I Love Gifting.  Recently, she wrote a piece titled 5 Ways to Return Proof Your Gift, and the last point really hit home with me.  It is something that I am not very good at, even though I love to pin many images of gorgeous wrapping!  Here is what Sarita had to say, highlighting the importance of gift wrapping:

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Wrap it up: If the gift is great, why bother with gift wrapping, right? Wrong. Gift wrapping isn’t just about covering the gift in decorative paper. It’s about going one step further; it’s like the icing on the cake or a beautifully decorated dish at a restaurant. I liken it to a splendidly done window display. It adds another dimension and is the final flourish that completes a good gift. And for the recipient, it’s about the anticipation, the excitement of discovering what’s inside.


What she says really makes sense to me.  There is a reason that diaper cakes and cute little sock babies are so popular on Pinterest, they have a “Wow Factor” to them that we are all drawn toward. The same goes for bridal shower cakes and gorgeous, crisply wrapped items.

Here are some tips that I have to help you give a good-looking gift.

How to Make Your Gift Wrap Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

zoolander meme

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid

  • Pick a solid colour wrapping paper that is high enough quality the corners won’t poke through. This technique is especially effective with large boxes.  For weddings, you can use white, silver, kraft paper and gold.
  • Wrap your gift with nice, crisp folds.  Try to make them as symmetric as possible.  Putting things into boxes makes this easier.
  • Use sparing but equal length clear tape.
  • Add a thick ribbon. Pick a contrasting colour or a complimentary colour.  If you are using kraft paper or gold, consider wrapping it several times with twine.
  • Violà! You have a simple, but elegant and really really ridiculously good looking gift!

Here are a few examples of KISS gift wrap ideas:

Gift wrapped with brown paper and twine

Wrapped With Paper

This is a great trick if you’ve cut your wrapping paper too short or you just want to create a two-toned look on your gift wrapping. You can wrap the brown paper all around the gift or just lay it on the top part, then tape or attach with some twine.

What I like about this simple gift wrapping idea is that you can write the name right on the paper; no gift tag needed.

Ribbon wrapped around a present with a piece of greenery tucked in

Add a Bit of Greenery

If you want to make your gift wrapping look fancy without too much effort this is a fun trick. Grab fresh greenery from your yard or use artificial plants or flowers from the dollar or craft store.

Use simple wrapping paper (recycled paper is great!) then tie up with your favorite twine.

Simple cross ribbon with bow

Use a Simple Ribbon and Bow

If you prefer ribbon and bows this is another super easy gift wrapping technique. Once you wrap your gift do a criss-cross of wide, coordinating ribbon.

Then just stick on a regular bow to the middle to hide your knot!

Name written in maker right on the wrapping paper for an easy gift wrapping idea

Skip Trimmings and Go Tagless

This is the ultimate in simple! There’s no rules when it comes to wrapping presents so you can always skip the ribbon and tag and write their name right on the paper.

Any wrapping paper works for this, although I recommend something light colored or simple brown paper since it will show the writing best.

Great for kids!

Luxury Gift Wrapping

If you have a bit more time on your hands or really want to wow the recipient you could also wrap gifts a little more fancy. These are great for those big milestone occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers, but they’re also fun “just because” on Christmas and birthdays too.

If you’re someone who likes to wrap gifts then you’ll love these fancy luxe gift wrapping ideas!

Luxury wedding gift wrapping idea with mini roses attached with jute twine

Wedding Bouquet Gift Wrapping

Although it’s still a bit simple, what makes this gift wrapping idea luxurious is the pretty rose bouquet attached to the gift.

Start with simple white wrapping paper (white craft paper also works) and find a miniature rose bouquet. Fresh flowers will really wow, but artifical is fine too if you need durability.

Tie with ample jute twine for an elegant look.

Double bow technique

Tie Bows Out of Ribbon

To get this look you’ll have to do some more complex bow tying. Thankfully I found this great tutorial on Youtube to help you tie this four loop bow to wrap up your fancy gifts.

Once you’ve mastered bow tying, start with the larger bow in a light color making sure to create the ribbon cross on the gift first. Then attach a smaller bow in a darker color (with short tails) on top.

Wrapping a gift with tissue paper

Tissue Paper Wrapping

This looks fancy because it’s a little different from the normal way we wrap gifts.

the trick is to stack two different colors of tissue paper together before you start wrapping. Instead of wrapping the normal way, fold so the paper gathers to the top. Then bunch, secure with a ribbon, and trim the excess for a unique gift wrapping idea.

Reusable gift bag made of fabric

Reusable Wrapping Paper

Although this could arguably be a simple solution, reusable wrapping paper (at least in my opinion) makes gifts look a little more fancy. It’s definitely more expensive than conventional wrapping paper, at least.

What I really like about this option is that it’s a gift in itself; not only do they recieve what’s wrapped, but they can also reuse the wrapping paper again and again.

Keep scrolling for more awesome gift wrapping ideas! You can also follow my Wrap It Up In Style Pinterest board.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Need some ideas on gift wrapping? From gift tag holder ideas to handmade bows this list has the perfect idea for you! Check it out and find something that fits your style today!

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