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Janice is a journalism graduate who simply loves travelling, fashion, ART, good food and great company. A copywriter and blogger who enjoys debates that matter, I am also extremely talkative but one who writes way better than I speak. Born and bred in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, I love my country and everything local. You can find me on twitter @JaniceM_Beckett and on Insta @MissJayMelBeckett.

Gift Ideas for Crossbow Hunters | Hunting gift ideas | Birthday presents for outdoorsmen | Christmas presents for outdoorswomen | Gifts for Bow Hunters | Deer Hunting Gifts | Redneck Love | Backwoods gifts |

Some hunt because it is their hobby but for some it’s more than a hobby, it is a passion! Whatever the case may be, if you know of a crossbow hunter then the following gift list will be a great help to you. Do not tire out your brain, simply purchase one or more of …

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Looking to say Thank You to a soccer coach who was exceedingly patient with your young'uns this season? Check out this list. | Gift Ideas for Soccer Coaches | How to Thank a Soccer Coach | End of Season Presents | Christmas Presents for Soccer Coach

For all the tough training, to the scolding on the field. We all know that our coaches only do it because they love and care for us. Demonstrate your appreciation by gifting them with one or more of our perfect gift ideas. Thank You Gift Ideas for Soccer Coaches Coach Keychain Buy Now Engrave your …

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Attending a letter themed party? Maybe you're setting up an epic scavenger hunt? Try these gift ideas for the letter M for adults on for size!

Going with a themed gift idea set can be a bit of a challenge but stress no more. If your loved one is hosting a party that requires a gift ideas for the letter ‘M’ we have got you sorted. Perhaps you are planning the soon-be-world’s-greatest scavenger hunt? Gift Ideas for the Letter M for …

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