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Fork Stamped Dandelions Craft

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This fork stamped dandelions craft is so much fun, and your child is going to love it! It’s always a blast to break out the paint and go a little wild. You will even have a great time. And if the weather is nice, you can even make these adorable dandelions outdoors. Plus, the cleanup will be even easier then! You can make the dandelions all different colors depending on your kiddos preference. It really doesn’t matter as long as there is a smile on everyone’s face and a beautiful craft to show off at the end. The truth is arts and crafts for kids is a great stress reliever too! 

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Creative & Entertaining Fork Stamped Dandelions Craft

Go wild with this fork craft! Toddlers, older kids, and everyone in between is going to have a great time making their own dandelions!

Supplies needed:

How To Make The Dandelion Fork Craft

1. Begin by placing some yellow and green craft paint onto your paper plate. 

NOTE: Make sure everyone can easily access it, so you don’t have paint dripped everywhere. 

2. Next, press the plastic fork (backside) into the yellow craft paint. Make sure the color is even across the fork. If there happens to be too much paint, just quickly remove it with your finger. 

3. Okay, here comes the fun part! Begin stamping the fork onto your drawing paper. Try to give a firm and even pressure, so it leaves an imprint on the page. 

4. Continue this step until you have beautiful dandelions. I find it’s best to place the paint in a circle like the hands on a clock. 

5. Once you have a few dandelions, you can decide how many you want to make. It’s pretty fun, so the more, the merrier, in my opinion!

6. Don’t forget about the stems! Simply dip a paintbrush into the green paint and make an angled green line for the stem. You can add leaves or not, totally your call. 

7. Once the dandelions dry, you can display them!

What Kind Of Paint Is Best For Crafts For Kids?

There are so many different paints for sale, and when it comes to kids, you want to make sure you are buying the best products. Acrylic paint is the best bet because it washes off easily and is non-toxic. The last thing you want is for your kiddos to get sick from paint. 

I hope you have as much fun as we did making these adorable Fork Dandelions. They are great for a group of kids or if you just want an easy craft for one or two! Super versatile and allows your child to get creative. 

1. Begin by placing some yellow and green craft paint onto your paper plate. This will give you some easy access to it.
2. Dip the backside of your fork into the yellow craft paint. Make sure the entire underside is covered in the paint. Remove any excess with your finger.
3. Stamp the fork onto your drawing paper. Press firmly and hold in place, so the imprint appears.
4. Repeat this step, moving the fork into various directions like the hands on a clock, so the dandelion shape is made.
5. Continue stamping until your dandelions are created. You can stamp as many as you wish.
6. Dip the paintbrush into the green paint and create your stems. Simple lines will do.
7. Allow your dandelions to dry. Your fork stamped dandelions are ready to be displayed!




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