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Looking for a green gift for a kiddo? Here are all the books the mini gardener will love! | Kid's Birthday Gifts | Reading Lists | Books for Kids | Permaculture | Book Worm Gifts | Christmas Gifts for Kids

Gardening is such a fun way for kids to get outside, do some physical activity and learn more about the natural world. I remember the excitement and sense of responsibility I felt when I was given a tiny patch of soil to garden all on my own! Encourage this brilliant hobby with one of these …

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Looking for the coolest science toys out there? This is the epic list of STEM gifts for kids. | STEM gift guide | Birthday Gifts for Kids | Top STEM Toys | Engineering Gifts | Presents that Use Their Brain | Challenge Gifts

This is it: The Ultimate List of STEM Birthday Gift Ideas that Will Give Your Kids an Edge There are millions of budding scientists out there, interested in robotics, coding, programming, chemistry, biology, marine biology, math and more. Support their creativity and learning subtly (or not subtly) by giving them cool science gifts when holidays …

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STEM Gift Ideas | Birthday Presents for Boys | 10 Year Old | Christmas Gifts | Non-Toy Gifts | Screen Free Gifts

Do you need to get a birthday gift for a 10 year boy who aspires to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Or perhaps he wants to design a skyscraper to rival the Burj al Khalifa? Whatever his ambitions are, if they’re anything to do with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), we’ve got you sorted. …

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Many young girls love horses and sooner or later the question will come… “Mommy, can I have a pony?”  Most of the time that’s just not realistic.  Let them down gently with these horse related alternatives, so they can still show their love for horses! 1. Pendant Necklace   Horsey girls will adore this elegant …

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Gifts for Kids - That are really for parents!

Keeping kids happy and somewhat occupied is an age-old parenting chore.  Okay, perhaps not age-old, as back in the day, kids had a lot more economic contributions to the family than they do today. Giving kids kid-safe and kid-fun bedrooms is one of the pieces of the puzzle.  Giving kids a place that they are …

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