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20 Book Gift Ideas For Kids Who Garden

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Gardening is such a fun way for kids to get outside, do some physical activity and learn more about the natural world. I remember the excitement and sense of responsibility I felt when I was given a tiny patch of soil to garden all on my own! Encourage this brilliant hobby with one of these inspiring books for kids who garden.

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Gardening Projects for Kids by ,Jenny Hendy

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Kids will love getting stuck in to these 60 projects on everything from growing plants to attracting wildlife into the garden! There are lots of photos, really clear instructions and it even tells you how long each project should take.

Ready, Set, Grow! By Rebecca Spohn

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A must-have spiral bound book for kids who love to garden. It’s really comprehensive and filled with everything children need to know to grow a healthy garden. It even contains gardening-related jokes…what more could you need?

300 Step-by-Step Cooking & Gardening Projects for Kids by Nancy McDougall and Jenny Hendy

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There’s almost enough cooking and gardening projects for every day of the year in this book. Get it and keep your child busy until their next birthday!

National Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant

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Aimed at younger children who are just starting to read, this book brilliantly introduces plants. It uses simple language and large picture to teach children what plants are, how we use them and how they grow.

A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Aston

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A gorgeous book that makes a thoughtful gift for children who garden. It’s filled with colourful drawings and facts that will spark their interest.

Oh Say Can You Seed? By Bonnie Worth

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As part of the Cat in the Hat’s library, this book would be perfect for kids who garden and love Dr Seuss! It will satisfy their curiosity about the plants in their garden in a fun (and rhyming) way.

The Little Gardener by Jan Geradi

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This book is perfect for preschoolers who love to be outside! If they’re already helping you to water the plants then they’ll enjoy lifting the flaps and exploring this book.

Gardening Wizardry for Kids by L. Patricia Kite

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If your kid’s gardening is restricted to “the great indoors” this is a great gift for them. They’ll learn how to grow plants inside through 300+ experiments. Your house will be a jungle!

Kid’s Herb Book by Lesley Tierra

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A super fun book that teaches kids about herbs. They’ll learn how to make potions, secret remedies and grow their own herbs. There are even colouring pages and herb-related songs! You might just end up keeping it for yourself.

Garden to Table:

A Kid’s Guide to Planting, Growing and Preparing Food by Katherine Hengel

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Give Mom and Dad a break and get the kids out of the garden and into the kitchen! This book teaches children important lessons about where food comes from in a fun and practical way.

Project Garden: A Month by Month Guide by Stacy Tornio

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A really clear month-by-month guide to gardening related activities. Each month kids are given something to grow, plant, eat, recycle and make. My personal favourite is the the Halloween Spooky Garden planting plan!

Kids’ Container Gardening by Cindy Krezel

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Kids will be inspired by the 17 uber-creative projects in this book. From making a water garden complete with fish to a sand art terrarium, they won’t get bored!

Compost Stew by Mary McKenna Sidals

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This illustrated book will teach kids how to make a delicious compost stew to feed their plants! It’s rhyming style makes it easy and engaging to read. Plus by buying this you’ll be doing your bit for the planet.

Sunflower Houses by Sharon Lovejoy

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Instead of another how-to gardening book, Sharon Lovejoy has created a magical collection of gardening inspiration, poems and stories. The language and style makes it a great gift for older kids and teenagers who garden.

Cook It, Grow It by DK Publishing

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A book for the budding sustainable chef! Kids will learn how to grow food in the garden or in containers and then make it into delicious, fresh recipes.

TIME for Kids: Plants

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Great for kindergarten kids, this book will teach them all about the science behind plants. Packed with eye-catching photos and fun facts, it’ll keep beginner readers entertained for hours.

The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller

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This is beautifully illustrated, rhyming book for pre-school children. They’ll enjoy spotting the plants that they already know in the intricate drawings and learning about some new ones!

The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons

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Teach kids that gardening isn’t just about flowers. There are so many vegetables that can easily be grown. You never know it might even get them eating their veg!

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

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Turn your kid’s gardening hobby into an educational experience with this beautifully illustrated book. They’ll learn how seeds are formed and how plants grow. It’d be great to read alongside growing seeds themselves so they can see the concepts in action!

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

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This is a lovely gift for young children to encourage a love of growing plants. With clear, colourful images and step-by-step instructions, they’ll be planting their first garden in no time!

Which book are you going to get to inspire the kid you know who gardens? Whether it’s a step-by-step guide or illustrated storybook, let us know if the comments! We’re @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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