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Have you ever been curious? Here is how British weddings are different!

We speak the same language but we live in different worlds… There are significant cultural differences between us and the Brits and they go beyond the jam v jelly, “couldn’t/could care less” chasms that exchange students love to debate. Despite these yawning gulfs, Transatlantic love often thrives. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to …

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When should you give a gift

Most of us had asked this question: “Should we bring a gift?” Giving gifts, though can give us an image of generosity and affection, can sometimes feel like a chore especially if we are buying presents just to get something in return or just because it is expected from us. Of course, we don’t want …

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Important wedding etiquette alert! If your wedding gift is a check, write it properly so the couple can cash it!

I was torn on whether to use the Canadian or American spelling on this one.  This is about wedding cheques or wedding checks, depending on your country of origin!  I’ll use a bit of both, to spice things up. Normally, cheque writing is easy as the recipient is just one person or business.  However, weddings …

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Engagement Gift Ideas for Men and Women

It is still a way off, but we are coming up on “engagement season,” so I wanted to pull together some ideas for engagement gifts.  A quick search through an etiquette book or on the internet will tell you that engagement party etiquette does not require you to bring a gift.  That said, you may …

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