Engagement Gift Ideas - Part I
Engagement Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Engagement Gift Ideas – Part I

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It is still a way off, but we are coming up on “engagement season,” so I wanted to pull together some ideas for engagement gifts.  A quick search through an etiquette book or on the internet will tell you that engagement party etiquette does not require you to bring a gift.  That said, you may still want to bring a gift and be searching for ideas.  Never fear, Unique Gifter is here!  Of course, you will take a card or send one if you are unable to attend!

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How Much to Spend on an Engagement Gift

What people choose to spend on engagement gifts varies a lot.  Most importantly, if you choose to bring a gift, only spend what works for your financial situation!  A rough guide is $20-50.  Another method is to determine your entire gift-giving budget for the couple and then split it out as follows:

20% – Engagement Party Gift
20% – Wedding Shower Gift
60% – Wedding Gift

Should you not be attending one or more of those events, simply split the difference and assign it to another event.  For example, if there is not an engagement party, spend 30% on the wedding shower and 70% on the wedding gift.  These are not hard and fast rules, they are only guidelines to help you make your spending decisions.

A Card

This goes without saying, but I am saying it, just to make sure you don’t forget!  Whether or not you are able to attend, you should send a card.  Everyone loves snail mail and if you read this, you will be able to write an awesome engagement card.  Remember that your card can be homemade, it doesn’t have to cost you very much at all!


I come back to this one a lot it seems, but it really is a fantastic go-to gift for many people.  Occasionally, a couple will put out the word that they would prefer wine, as they would like to have a bit of a wine collection at home.  You can select a regular bottle, a nicer bottle or perhaps a bottle of sparkling wine.

Thank You Cards

The newly engaged couple is going to be on the hook for a LOT of thank yous over the next few years!  You could give them a small set to start them off.  They will likely have to write thank yous for the engagement party and likely do not yet have stationary selected for their wedding theme.

Address Stamp or Address Labels

Just like the above, the couple will be doing a lot of snail mail corresponding over the next little while!  You could help them out by purchasing an address stamp, which I detail out in this post, or you could go with some address labels.  Both are available for very good prices from Vistaprint.  When ordering things with names on them, ensure you are using the names the couple wishes to use.  If you purchase a stamp intending that the couple use it in the future, make sure you know what they will use for names!

Etiquette Book

Tread carefully here, but etiquette books can be oh-so-very-helpful when it comes to wedding planning!  If you are not considering the Reference Library gift idea, you could give an etiquette book as an engagement gift.  The top choices are Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding and Emily Post’s Etiquette.

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  1. Jessica @ Budget for

    I love the address stamp idea! In 4 days it will be 3 years ago that I got engaged :) I didn't even realize people got engagement gifts, how'd I miss that boat?? Haha we had a party right after because another couple got engaged the same night so it was a big party but no gifts.

    1. I'm pretty proud of the stamp idea :-) I wrote about it once before, should probably link that up. Engagement parties and gifts seem to be really regional, and it is totally Not required to bring a gift, I just know that some people do. That's awesome that you had a joint party, double (quadruple?) the fun!

  2. I think a great idea is a bottle of wine that needs a year to age. This way the couple can open the bottle on their one year anniversary !

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