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4 Wedding Food Savings Tips (for guests)

[CC Attribution – Sheishin17 – Photo] This post covers a few more ways to save your pennies when you attend a wedding away from your area.  Most of these would work as a way to save on any vacation or travel; however, the group nature of a wedding lends itself to finding more ways to effectively …

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Super Cereal

“I’m super serial guys.” – Al Gore on South Park When I was in high school, my mother was rather afraid that I would choose to live off of cereal when I went to university. Somehow, that never came to pass and fast forward a few years and I can’t drink milk. Cereal loses out …

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Gift Ideas for Someone Doing the Whole 30 Diet | Reset Recipe gifts | Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs | What to get someone on a diet | Fun Food Gifts | Christmas Presents for fitness freaks | What to buy someone who is GF | Birthday presents for healthy people

Whole30 is focused on little to no sugar, mainly eating meats and vegetables, and is pretty limiting compared to some other diets. So if you have a friend who is doing a round of Whole30 (which is a month long, by the way), then get them some gear to make it easier! They will definitely …

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My favorite wedding gift wasn't on my registry, but it was so useful and so thoughtful! I bet you'll love it too. Anyone will love it and anyone can buy it!

Hi everyone! I’m Kathleen, and I blog at ForProfitBlogging (among other places!). Last year, I got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married, and as a minimalist, it was hard. Not the planning, actually, that was really fun. But the wedding registry was difficult. It felt like a present grab (which, truthfully, it is). Because …

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Awhile back, I wrote a rather long post on Tips for Taking Meals to Grieving and Celebrating Families.  It has a LOT of good info in it, if I don’t say so myself.  That said, coming up with meal ideas that are a good fit can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to spend …

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