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My Favorite Wedding Gift Wasn’t on My Registry

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Hi everyone! I’m Kathleen, and I blog at ForProfitBlogging (among other places!). Last year, I got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married, and as a minimalist, it was hard. Not the planning, actually, that was really fun. But the wedding registry was difficult. It felt like a present grab (which, truthfully, it is). Because Anne is a good friend of mine, naturally I came whining to her.

My favorite wedding gift wasn't on my registry, but it was so useful and so thoughtful! I bet you'll love it too. Anyone will love it and anyone can buy it!

What Do I Register For?

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“I’m not 23, I’m not moving out of my parents’ house into my husband’s house, and we already live together. What could I possibly want or need?”

She responded in list form. Sure, she sympathized with me, but she was unconvinced that there was nothing in the world I could possibly want.

“Did you know,” she asked, “that Amazon Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Wedding Registryhas wedding registries?”

Hold. the. phone.

You mean, I can register for gifts without leaving my house? I won’t have to walk through a store with one of those awful guns?

Okay, let’s do it!

This Wedding Registry Stuff is Fun

So, one Sunday afternoon, my then-fiance made us a round of cocktails, and we got to work. It was tough going at first, but we used Anne’s list as a guide, and started putting nicer versions of things we already had on our registry.

After about an hour, we really started getting into it. This was fun! Amazon makes it really easy to add things to the registry. We were sitting on the couch, on our separate computers, and things started getting silly.

I found some ridiculously awesome “of the month” clubs, and, when my husband-to-be wasn’t looking, added them all.

I also added an indoor hammock and an expensive white couch which wouldn’t fit into our home for good measure.

The next morning, I woke up late, and went to check the registry. I wonder if anyone bought me jelly beans of the month.

All the “of the month” club items were gone. So was my white couch and indoor hammock, come to think of it! The registry looked like a regular couple’s registry instead of two kids having way too much fun with Amazon’s “add to registry” button.

Again, I whined to Anne. “Now I’m never going to get all that crazy stuff!”

My Favorite Wedding Gift

But she had other plans. She couldn’t come to the wedding because I went and got married at a terrible time for her, work-wise, but she made up for it by buying the most fun gift I’ve ever gotten.

The first box came, with the appetizer plates that were on my registry. As an aside: look at the dimensions of the plates you’re ordering. Like, get out the tape measure. Because these plates? They’re ridiculously cute, but they are SO TINY. We’ve found them really useful for cheese plates and appetizers for parties, but not for daily dining.

Then, the rest of the gifts came, in six or eight different boxes.

The first one came with a note. “Congratulations! I have given you a one-month subscription to all the clubs you wanted!”

The following snacks were delivered:

White Cheddar plus Black Truffle – Popcorn of the Month Club!

Ground Coffee, Cafe Blend  – Coffee of the Month Club!

Slim Jim Bacon Jerky, Maple – Bacon/Jerky of the Month Club! (Two in one even)

Jelly Belly Thirty Assorted Flavor Jelly Beans – Jelly Bean of the Month Club!

Chip Magnet Garlicious Salsa – Salsa of the Month Club!

Whole Vine Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate – Cookie of the Month Club!


International Collection Flavored Olive Oil, Garlic – Olive Oil of the Month Club!

Aunt Sassy’s Slightly Naughty Sauce, Cracked Pepper – BBQ Sauce of the Month Club!

So much fun, right?

And! Everything came the week before the wedding, which, if you’ve never been married, is a stressful week, and it turns out, delicious snacks come in really handy when you’re crazy stressed out! (I still owe my husband some truffle popcorn, whoops!)

The point of this story is that you don’t have to buy the most expensive thing on the registry to be memorable. I think anyone would love snacks or take-out food the week before their wedding, but maybe you don’t have to go for crazy-titled things. If your friend loves Red Vines, a big tub of those will go a long way during the last 10 days before the wedding.

Actually, the moral of this story is to be friends with Anne! She really lives up to this URL.

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