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Gift Ideas for Split Boarders | Backcountry Gift Ideas | What to buy a snowboarder | Birthday Presents for touring | Christmas Gifts for a Split Boarder

The pristine wilds of the backcountry calls to the split boarder, who wants to take their snowboarding beyond the lift line. These are some awesome gift ideas for split boarders. Skins Buy Now Skins are the required piece for the split boarder to get uphill to score those sweet turns. Bag Buy Now this is …

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20 New Gadgets for Campers and Hikers

If you love Mother Nature, camping or hiking are activities you hold dear. We are going to compile a list of gadgets that will make your experience breathtaking. In fact, getting a camping list of new devices can almost be as exciting as camping itself. With these gadgets, you will enjoy the outdoors while maintaining …

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