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20 New Gadgets for Campers and Hikers

20 New Gadgets for Campers and Hikers

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If you love Mother Nature, camping or hiking are activities you hold dear. We are going to compile a list of gadgets that will make your experience breathtaking. In fact, getting a camping list of new devices can almost be as exciting as camping itself. With these gadgets, you will enjoy the outdoors while maintaining your modern luxuries.

1. Power Pot

It is rare to find electricity outdoors, but with this innovative power generator, you can charge most of your USB devices: smartphone, lights, speakers, headlamps, cameras and radios. The pot is able to convert the heat from your campfire into usable energy


ECOFLOW Portable Generator

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2. Solo Stove

With a stove that is designed to burn wood more efficiently, you will less likely be faced with the problem of fuel shortage.

Solo Stove Campfire

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3. 30-day lantern

As the name suggests, you will have good light for up to 30 days. That means that you can extend your stay in the wilderness.

UST 30-Day Lantern

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4. Emergency headlamp

In your panic-bag, this is one of the items to include. You are bound to run into situations where you may require help, and you will need a shiny light that can catch the attention of a rescuer. You know well that the wilderness is unpredictable.

Petzl Emergency Headlamp

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5. Stormproof Matches

Add these water resistant matches to your travel bag because they will help you light a fire without any problem.

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

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6. Gear

You will need to vent heat and moisture away from your back. That calls for gear that is well padded and suited for the purpose

Granite Gear Frame Pack

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7. Espresso machine

If you are looking to make espresso on the go, get a portable espresso machine. It is perfect for camping and hiking. Enjoy some decent espresso even if you are out in the wild

Handpresso Hybrid Espresso Machine

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8. Survival gear

You do not need to carry several life-saving items. Just carry a single survival kit that contains most life-saving stuff: razor blade, emergency whistle, wire saw, water purification tabs, flashlight, compass and waterproof matches.

The Ultimate Survival Kit by VSSL

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9. Wood burning camp stove

A wood burning camp stove is a source of heat, electrical power, and stove, all rolled into one. You will cook your meal while charging your phone. We cannot emphasize the importance of a power source during an outdoor visit.

BioLite CampStove

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10.Solar-powered speakers

You can take you music everywhere because the sun will power your tunes.

Eton solar-powered speakers

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11. Vacuum food system

Bring along a food vacuum system if you want to keep your meals warm

Stanley Vacuum Food System

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12.Personal cooking system

This compact unit will combine all your cooking needs.

Jetboil Personal Cooking System

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13. A lighter

We cannot emphasize the importance of a fire source. Most importantly, you need an easy and reliable way to light your fire.

Optimus Sparky

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14. Headlamp

To ensure you survive the darkness without missing a thing, you need a source of light that is programmable.

Petzl – TIKKA 250 Lumens

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15. Compass Bracelet

You need to be aware of your current location. In fact, wear the bracelet before leaving home because you will most likely forget, and you are going to get lost in the woods.

Paracord Bracelet Compass

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16. Solar camp shower

It is constructed from durable material that can withstand heat from the sun. When you go hiking or camping, you do not need to take cold showers, especially in chilly weather.

Seattle Solar Camp Shower

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17. Digital camera

You do not just need a digital camera, but one that can withstand severe conditions (falling, water, and extreme temperatures). Choose a camera that is ideal for an adventure. Remember, a camera will come handy when you need to take photos of the beautiful countryside. Also, how else are you going to convince your friends you went camping without any photo evidence?


Olympus TG-4 16 MP Waterproof Camera

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18. Cooler Chair

A portable chair that also serves as a cooler is a godsend for any camper or hiker.

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19.Collapsible pot

Pots are often built in shapes that make them hard to fit in a bag. However, a collapsible pot should fit conveniently in a crowded bag.

Sea to Summit X-Pot

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20.Portable solar cooker

You will cook your meal in less than 10 minutes using nothing but the sun. Exploiting the power of the sun means less harm to the environment.

GoSun Stove

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