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20 Gift Ideas for Split Boarders

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The pristine wilds of the backcountry calls to the split boarder, who wants to take their snowboarding beyond the lift line. These are some awesome gift ideas for split boarders.

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Gift Ideas for Split Boarders


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Skins are the required piece for the split boarder to get uphill to score those sweet turns.


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this is a good gift idea for the split boarder to transport their equipment.


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an amazing split board boot that they will truly love.


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keep their head warm with this stylish and comfy hat.


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these poles will help the split boarder navigate the uphill slopes.


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keep the vision of the slopes clear for the split boarder


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warm and dry feet make everything better.


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make sure the split boarder never gets lost with these route finder books.


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These are great gloves for any backcountry enthusiast.

Avalanche Beacon

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stay safe and in once piece with a beacon that could help safe their life in the chance of an avalanche.

Avalanche Safety Indicator

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this is also a required safety item for the split boarder.


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for the purist that earns the turns.

Beer Mug

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for the after turns beverage.

Chalk Board Art

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this is a great piece of art for the wall in any split boarders family.


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this mountain quote calls to every split boarder.

Snowboard Rack

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Snowboard Figure

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this is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any split boarder.


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for their bag or coat, this patch is a great gift.


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for the split boarders car or board, a fun small gift.


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A great gift that allows the split boarder to share the love of powder.

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