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These 20 pet costumes are hilarious and adorable. My dog is getting a Christmas and a Halloween costume!

Pets. You gotta love them. They are fuzzy (or not so fuzzy), adorable, and part of the family. Just like the rest of us, they want gifts to! While outfits probably are not their ideal gifts, fun things to dress up your pet will certainly get them noticed and feeling loved. Here’s a list of …

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Do you have any friends that are ridiculously into Halloween? Get them one of these 13 super spooky Halloween gift ideas and make their day!

Monster Survival Kits Buy or make your own version of monster survival kits such as the Zombie Survival Kit, Werewolf Bite Kit, Vampire Bloodsucking Bite Kit, and so on. Include things someone might need in such kits including candy (for the shock!) and a note explaining what each item does to help counteract the effects. …

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Should you give a Halloween costume as a gift?

Why are people already talking about Halloween??  On Monday, I went on a bit of a trip with a friend and he asked me if I had picked out a Halloween costume yet, saying “there’s only two months left, ya know.”  To which I responded, “I’m lucky if I know what I’m doing the morning …

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