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Halloween Costumes as Gifts

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Why are people already talking about Halloween??  On Monday, I went on a bit of a trip with a friend and he asked me if I had picked out a Halloween costume yet, saying “there’s only two months left, ya know.”  To which I responded, “I’m lucky if I know what I’m doing the morning of!”  Then, later that day, Bridget from Money After Graduation was asking about Halloween costumes on twitter!  What has the world come to??  Celebrations of the return of some specific latte flavors at Starbucks I can at least understand!

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Due to all of this conversation, I have a proposal for you:

Halloween Costumes as Gifts for Adults

Yes, you read that correctly.  There are three groups of people who would absolutely appreciate receiving Halloween costumes as gifts.  First up are those people who put a lot of time and effort into their costumes.  They are usually also the people who put a lot of MONEY into their costumes (though not always!).  Gifting them a part of their elaborate and pricey costume would make them happy campers unless they are extremely secretive about their plans.

I think that Bridget and my friend fall into that first category of people.  The second category of people is the one with which I am on much more intimate terms, those of us who have zero plans and would love someone to just pop over to an online site and pick something out for us.  Just please make sure it’s not too scandalous or ridiculous.  Otherwise, have at’er and solve my lack of costume planning problem for me!

Rubies Adult The Original Inflatable T-REX Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Standard

Inflatable Costumes

These are always a hit, especially with folks with a sense of humour. They’re not just fun for Halloween – I’m sure the right gift recipient will find all kinds of occasions to bring out their inflatable dinosaur costume. Just look at all those funny online videos!

Victorian Dress, Ghost Busters Adult Halloween Costume Women Dress Hallowmas Spider Print Trim Swagger Skirt Round Collar Retro Dress Size Sleeves Midi Girl Cat Costume 7-8 (M, Beige)

Spooky Costume/Halloween Attire

These style Halloween costume gifts are great for anyone who loves spooky season. Not only is a great Halloween costume (witch, etc), they can also wear it to Halloween parties, to work/school on Halloween, or if they really love Halloween, anytime!

EraSpooky Adult Shark Costume Blue Mascot Party Funny Fancy Dress

Easy “Go To” Costume

Every adult should have at least one easy “go to” costume in their collection. Something that you can throw on over top of any outfit, that isn’t offensive (especially if they have kids), and is comfortable to wear. You never know when you’ll need it!

JAZGROM Skeleton Onesie Pajama for Men Women Plush Skeleton Jumpsuit Halloween Sleepwear Costume Hoody Pajama for Adult

Halloween Onesie Costume

Is it a costume? Is it pyjamas? How about both! Easy, comfortable, and perfect for a lounging or going out, these are always a hit for folks who love Halloween.

Disney mens Disguise Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, XXL 50-52 US

Fun Character Costumes

If they have a favourite character and still haven’t dressed up like them for Halloween this is a fun way to make that happen!

Deadpool adult cosplay suit

Custom Cosplay

Cosplay’s an expensive hobby, so help a buddy out and help them put their next costume together. You can get supplies, accessories, or go all out and order them a fully custom cosplay suit like this Deadpool one.

The Price is Right Contestant 4 Pack TPIR Game Show Halloween Group Couples Costume, Adult One Size

The “Obligation” Halloween Costume Gift

I don’t like giving gifts that involve burden or obligation, but for the right friend this is a fun exception. Gift them a costume so they can join you and your other friends as a group!

Halloween Costume Gifts for Couples

When might you give a couple Halloween costumes as gifts? Well for the right pair, it could easily be a unique wedding gift idea, or something nice to for an anniversary. If your spouse likes Halloween and loves to dress up together this could also be a nice gift to give them too. Or give one to your partner to make them participate with you if they’re not into Halloween!

Rasta Imposta Tequila Bottle & Lime Slice Couples Costume Liquor Drink Dress Up Cosplay Costumes, Adult One Size

The Generic Couples Set

So many of these style costumes to choose from! They’re kind of lame, but also really easy to throw on for last minute Halloween parties.

Halloween Pregnancy Shirt Skeleton Xray Couples Matching Long Sleeve Shirts Men Black Large/Women Black Large

For Your Pregnant Friends

Being pregnant around Halloween can be a bummer if you miss out on parties but a huge plus if you want to justify munching on Halloween candy. It’s also a fun excuse to give your friends this cute Halloween costume combo as a gift.

Barbie and ken matching beach set

Unique Couples Costume Set

Get your friends something really unique by gifting them a nice costume set based on their interests. Skip the generic Halloween costumes and opt for something one of a kind like this handmade Barbie and Ken set.

Halloween Costume Gifts for Pets

LY Dog Tag Keychain - Cute Pet Clip-On Heart Shaped Halloween Costume Accessory (3-Pack)

The Super Easy Pet Costume

This is a fun and easy gift you can give to anyone with a pet. They just clip on!

Pets First Michigan Hoodie T-Shirt, Large (MI-4044-LG)

Spirit Gear

You can get so many different pet costumes and outfits now including sports teams and school spirit. What a great gift for a pet lover who’s recently graduated from university!

Dog Tuxedo, Formal Dog Clothes Shirt Costume Wedding Attire Party Bow Tie Suit, Dog Outfit for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats, Halloween Pet Costumes Birthday Puppy Clothing Christmas Apparel (M)

Wedding Outfit

Know someone who’s getting married and plans on having their pet in the wedding? Yep, this is the perfect shower gift for them.

Pet Cat Bat Wings for Halloween Party Decoration, Puppy Collar Leads Cosplay Bat Costume,Cute Puppy Cat Dress Up Accessories

Kitty Costume

Most costumes are geared towards dogs but don’t forget the feline friends too!

Matching Costumes for pet and owner

Matching Costumes

It’s always fun to match! Order a costume for the pet and owner that matches, or have something custom made like this set.

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