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20 Ways to Dress up Your Pet

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Pets. You gotta love them. They are fuzzy (or not so fuzzy), adorable, and part of the family. Just like the rest of us, they want gifts to! While outfits probably are not their ideal gifts, fun things to dress up your pet will certainly get them noticed and feeling loved. Here’s a list of ways to dress your pet for whatever occasion comes their way.

These 20 pet costumes are hilarious and adorable. My dog is getting a Christmas and a Halloween costume!


1. Birthday Hat

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It’s your pet’s birthday, what better way to celebrate than with a hat that tells everyone! It also doubles as something to destroy later.

2. Lion’s Mane

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Feed your cat’s wild side by making them look like the king of cats.

3. Miniature Hat

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Who doesn’t love snakes wearing tiny hats?

4. Bandanas

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An easy way to spice up your pet’s wardrobe is with today’s hottest patterns.

5. Sexy Bunny

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Your dog ready to get her groove on? Let the boy dogs know with this sexy bunny costume.

6. Scarf

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Here’s a scarf to keep your pet stylish on those chilly winter days.

7. Inflatable Unicorn Horn

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Make your cat feel magical- or angry.

8. Elf Costume

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Get your pet in the holiday spirit!

9. Bundles of Bows!

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An everyday look for your little girl.

10. Formalwear

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A tux for your pet works whether they are the ring bearer or the groom.

11. Miniature Top Hat

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This snazzy hat could work for a lizard or gecko.

12. Ugly Sweater

Pet Ugly Sweater with Bow - White Target - Google Chrome

target sm

Everyone needs an ugly sweater, your pet is not an exception.

13. Goldfish Costume

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Works for cats or dogs that you are trying to sneak them into a “fish only” apartment.

14. Ties

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Ties for your pet’s next meeting or job interview.

15. Dog Coat

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Dogs get cold too!

16. Uncle Sam Hat and Beard

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Dress your pet as Uncle Same for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July!

17. Jewelry

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Your cat or small dog with feel posh with this fancy neckwear.

18. Pumpkin Costume

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Trick or treaters don’t get treats without a costume!

19. Pet Pajamas

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Maybe your pet doesn’t like sleeping nude.

20. Pirate Costume

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Would this work for Pirate day?

How do you dress your pet?

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