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A honeymoon gift basket is a perfect wedding gift idea! I love it.

As a gift giver, do you love surprising people with an unexpected and lovely gift?  Do you shy away from the ordinary and traditional?  While it is gaining in popularity, giving a honeymoon gift basket is still an uncommon gift.  This could also be considered a wedding gift basket or a bridal shower gift basket. Honeymoon Gift …

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Selecting gifts for creative people can be a bit intimidating. If you don’t view yourself as creative, the flare and artistry and exacting eye that you perceive your friend or family member to have can mean you sit there and second guess you choice, wondering if they will like it or not. Here are some …

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Honeymoon Gift Ideas

  Previously, I wrote a post on honeymoon gift basket ideas.  It has proven quite popular, so I thought I would expand it with more honeymoon gift ideas. It is important to note that you want to strike a balance of free time and activities for a honeymooning couple.  The whole wedding process is usually …

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