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It seems like Easter grows bigger and bigger each year. Instead of it being just another holiday to add more clutter and toys that will inevitably be toss aside in a week’s time opt for some non-toy gifts instead. Don’t worry though, just because they’re not toys they’re still going to delight kids of any …

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Non-toy stocking stuffers for kids to avoid clutter and attempt to be a minimalist this Christmas! | Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids | Santa Tips | Christmas Present Hacks | How to Fill a Stocking | What to Buy for Christmas | Christmas Traditions | Toy-Free Gifts | Non-Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Educational Toys | Educational Toy Gifts | Non-Toy Stocking Stuffers for Kids | Non-Toy Christmas Presents for Kids | Minimalist Gifts for Kids | READ, NEED, WEAR, WANT | Creative Christmas Gifts for Children | Gift Ideas for a Kid | Stocking Stuffers for Boys | Stocking Stuffers for Girls

You don’t have to be a minimalist to appreciate that fewer toys means less clutter, and less of a chance that you step on a piece of lego. There are all sorts of wonderful educational, consumable and generally non-toy stocking stuffers for kids. We’ve pulled together a list of over fifty stocking stuffer ideas and …

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