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20+ Non-Toy Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

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It seems like Easter grows bigger and bigger each year. Instead of it being just another holiday to add more clutter and toys that will inevitably be toss aside in a week’s time. If that sounds like your house, ppt for some non-toy Easter gift ideas for your kids instead this year.

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Don’t worry though, just because they’re not toys they’re still going to delight kids of any age. They’re fun, practical, and perfectly timed for the spring season. As a parent myself, I know how hard it can be to find practical gift ideas for all holidays, including Easter.

Here’s some of my go to non-toy Easter gift ideas that my kids love! If you need more ideas, I also wrote about non-toy Easter gift ideas for toddlers too.


Non-Toy Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Pink spring umbrella for kids

Kids’ Umbrella

Easter is in spring and spring means rainstorms. A kid-sized umbrella is the perfect way to stay dry.

Spring shaped cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are a great gift for kids. They can obviously use them for cookies but they’re also fun for things like play dough or cutting lunch snacks into shapes.

Kid friendly binoculars


Perfect for spring and summer bird watching or just setting those little explorers out into the world.

Kid safe headphones in easter colors


Kids are forever needing or losing or breaking or for some reason just not having their headphones, so you can never have too many pairs.

Craft supply kit

Craft Supplies

It’s a hard fact that kids can never have too many craft supplies. Gift them a pack like this so they can create anything their imagination comes up with.

Space puzzle for kids


Puzzles are the perfect relaxing activity for kids of any age. Just pick something that suits their skill level and interest.

Set of walkie-talkies

Walkie Talkies

Kids love walkie-talkies and this would make the perfect join present for siblings. My twins have a pair and they play with them all the time, especially in the spring.

Stick on glow in the dark stars

Stick-On Stars

These glow in the dark stars may be inexpensive but kids love them. Sleeping under the stars has never been easier.

Gardening set for kids

Gardening Set

Easter is always just before planting season so get them something they can use outside. A set like this comes with everything they need to help out in the garden.

Kite for kids


Take advantage of the spring wind by gifting your favourite kid a kite. They’ll be delighted watching it fly.

kids easter themed blanket with bunnies


Blankets are always a hit with kids but something like this is even better. They’ll be delighted getting swallowed up whole by this toasty warm shark.

Pencil case non-toy easter gift ideas for kids

Pencil Case

Pencil cases are a great place for kids to keep all sorts of small trinkets.

Easter themed mad libs

Mad Libs

Mad libs are a kid favourite. These are a great “anywhere” activity that’s certain to cause eruptions of giggles. This one happens to be Easter themed, too.

Electric toothbrush for kids

Electric Toothbrush

You might be thinking a toothbrush is a pretty lame gift to give a kid but, as a parent of 5, I can tell you that it’s not. Electric toothbrushes are especially fun.

Easter Nail Art stickers

Easter Nail Art

You don’t need any special skills to do fancy nails with these stickers. Kids will love getting all fancy with the little easter bunnies and flowers. If those aren’t their style there’s lots of different kids nail stickers out there to choose from.

The golden egg easter little golden book

Kid Friendly Easter Book

Books are always a safe gift with kids. Aim for something age appropriate like a picture book for younger kids or novel for the older ones. Bonus points for something Easter themed.

Mini flashlights


I’m not really sure what it is about kids and flashlights but they seem to love it. They’re great secretly reading in the dark, finding their way to the bathroom, flashlight games, or even to take on their upcoming summer camping trips.

Highlights magazine


Something like a magazine subscription or subscription box is always a good hit with kids. It’s not only exciting to get something in the mail, it keeps coming again and again so your gift lasts a lot longer.

Ready to Color Easter Eggs

Your kids can create their own fabric easter eggs with these cute stuffies. If you use washable markers on them they can also be washed and colored again and again!

Travel Mug for kids

Travel Mug

A lot of people pass up travel mugs as a gift idea for kids. You don’t just have to take coffee in them; they’re a perfect way to bring some hot chocolate or tea on the go.

Kids' magic kit

Magic Kit

This one is perfectly magical! I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love magic so why not have them practice their own. A beginner kit is the perfect way to get started.

Peeps Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a hit with kids of all ages and both boys and girls. Seriously, my kids are always delighted to get a new one, and we almost always add one to their easter basket every year.

Give your bath bomb an easter twist by giving one of these adorable Peeps shaped one. They even come in fun kid-friendly scents!

Easter doesn’t have to be about the toys but it’s a great excuse to get the kids in your life a practical, non toy gift that they’ll love. (Just don’t forget the chocolate!

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