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Birthday Gift Ideas for a Vegan who Hates to Cook | Plant Based Gifts | Christmas Gifts for Vegans | How to pick a present for a vegan

I’m a vegan, my partner is vegan and let’s face it we have those days where we just don’t want to think about what to cook or how to cook it. So with that in mind, here are some tools handy for the vegan in your life (even if it’s you) who just hates to …

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegans | Plant Based Lifestyle Gifts | How to Celebrate Christmas with a Vegan | Vegan Friendly Gift Ideas | Presents for Vegans | Birthday Gifts

The Vegan life isn’t for everyone. Sometimes they can be a bit self-righteous but they sure do have some great kitchen gadgets and when they aren’t looking at your intensely with the fire of justice in their eyes-they can be a lot of fun. Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegans (or birthdays, or any occasion, really) …

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