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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegans

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The Vegan life isn’t for everyone. Sometimes they can be a bit self-righteous but they sure do have some great kitchen gadgets and when they aren’t looking at your intensely with the fire of justice in their eyes-they can be a lot of fun.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegans

(or birthdays, or any occasion, really)

Things Vegans Fry

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For a such healthy diet Vegans do seem to enjoy frying a lot of stuff.

How to Be Vegan

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You’ve eaten meat for years and have decided to embrace the Vegan life.

Friends Not Food Hoodie

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Let’s be clear, animals are your friends. Stop eating them.

Thug Kitchen, Eat Like You Give a F#ck! Cookbook

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This cookbook is a bit notorious. But, the recipes are great!

Amazon eGift Card

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Buying a gift for your favorite vegan can be tricky. What if you accidentally give them something that’s not vegan?

Giraffe Ring Holder

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Are you always losing your rings? This giraffe will keep your favorite rings safe.

Animal Decorative Throw Pillows

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If you love animals then these pillows are a chic way to express that love.

Owl Socks

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You can never have enough socks. But, these socks don’t give a hoot.

Plants are Friends Women’s Tank Top

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You can be stylish while proclaiming your love for plants. This t-shirt does the job.

Beer, Lime, and Sunshine Women’s Tank Top

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This t-shirt says it all, because vegan life isn’t just about animals. Sometimes you have to just embrace a good beer and relax in the sunshine.

Mother of Dragons Women’s Tank Top

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For the Game of Thrones obsessed this tank says it all.

Vegetable Spiralizer

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One of the best kitchen tools for vegans and non-vegans alike. The vegetable spiralizer changes the way that you experience vegetables.

Refurbished Vitamix

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The Vitamix blender is the #1 kitchen tool for the smoothie obsessed vegan.

Black and Decker Vegetable Juice Extractor

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You don’t want a smoothie, but would love some fresh juice? This extractor will have you drinking amazing freshly extracted juice every morning.

Kombucha Starter Kit

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Scobies are still pretty freaky. But, kombuchas is delicious. Learn how to make your own kombucha and spend less on pre-made.

Homebrew Beer Brewing Kit

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There is nothing better than making your own beer.

Relaxing Spa Set

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Sometimes a vegan just needs a relaxing bath after a day of staying true to the cause.

Beard Care Kit

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Why do all the male vegans look like hipsters? It doesn’t matter, this beard kit will keep them looking fierce.

Succulent Notecards Made with Recycled Paper

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These cards are a beautiful way to connect with the people that you love.

Let’s Make It Like Mole Rats and Get Naked Card

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This card is everything.

Don’t be intimidated when picking out gifts for your favorite vegan. Have fun, don’t overthink it and think beyond the cliche.

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