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Teapot and Teacup poems - a perfect collection for baby showers, wedding showers and fun events.

Awhile back I wrote a post full of suggestions on how to add a creative touch to the teapot, a very common wedding gift.  At the bottom, I suggested you look up a poem to include from Google.  Here I am, pulling together a few to make your life easier!  Ahem, as it turns out, …

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Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In the forests of the night. – William Blake I have had that stuck in my head since I started thinking about this post. This gift idea comes thanks to my friend Shannon, who said it was the best not-on-registry shower gift she received. The kitchen fire extinguisher. It’s one of those practical things that …

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Tea sets and sugar pots are common wedding registry gifts, and with a simple poem, they can be one of the most memorable wedding gifts you ever give. This is SUCH a cute idea, I am definitely saving this for the next wedding gift I give.

One of my favourite ways to create a unique wedding gift, to give it that little sumthin’ sumthin’, is to include a poem.  You can do wonders with scrapbooking or by simply pasting into Word and adding some graphics!  Adding a poem tells the recipient that you took those few extra minutes and personalized their …

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A Wedding Gift full of Zest

  Wedding gift registries usually have a great many little things, like lemon zesters, garlic presses and even avocado slicers and spice racks.  One of the reasons that towel cakes and wedding shower cakes have become so popular is that they are a fun way to make a unique and creative wedding gift.  If you would …

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A Perfect Pair Wedding and Engagement Gift Ideas

Little love poems are one of the easiest, cheapest and most touching ways to top up a plain old registry item.  Sometimes it can be hard to find appropriate and uplifting ones though.  (Seriously, do you know how many depressing poems there are about tea?!  I found some happy ones here.)  You can use a …

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