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20 11th Jewelry Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

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For your 11th jewelry modern anniversary gift for him, you may be wondering what you could get him that he would like! No need to worry though, because this list is full of fantastic ideas, just for him. Your 11th anniversary is nothing to balk at, and you want to celebrate it to its fullest!

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Unique 11th Jewelry Modern Anniversary Gifts For Him

Your husband is going to be thrilled to receive any of these presents! 

Concrete Bar Necklace

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Concrete is manly, and he will love wearing a concrete bar necklace because your marriage is as strong as concrete too.

Steampunk Top Hat Cufflinks

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These steampunk top hat cufflinks are super spiffy!

Silver Arrow Ring

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You two are always headed in the right direction, as the silver arrow ring represents!

Sterling Silver Full Moon Necklace

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If you two have had a lot of great memories together under the moon, he will enjoy the sterling silver full moon necklace.

Brown Leather Bracelet with Anchor

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You are anchored to each other, now and forever.

Personalized Buck Bullet Necklace

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For the hunter husband, a personalized buck bullet necklace is the perfect gift for your 11th jewelry modern anniversary.

Turquoise and Black Beaded Necklace

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This turquoise and a black beaded necklace is both fun and stunning for him to wear!

Black Onyx Ring

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The black onyx ring will look unique and handsome on his finger this anniversary and is masculine but not bulky.

Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

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You can customize the blue tiger eye beaded bracelet for him for even more meaning as he receives and wears it.

Custom Dog Tag Necklace

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Give him a little love and confidence boost with a customized dog tag necklace. It could be as simple as an I love you, or a short quote that means a lot to both of you.

Silver Moon Phases Ring

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The moon phases are romantic, and now he can wear the phases on his finger, in a ring.

Mantra Shoe Bands

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Help motivate him as a runner, or another athlete, with mantra shoe bands to put on his running shoes!

Shungite Bracelet with Amazonite Crystal Beads

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Mostly black, with a few Amazonite crystal beads, this bracelet is super unique.

Evil Eye Necklace

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If he loves the evil eye, or perhaps thinks you give him the evil eye when he’s annoying, this necklace is perfect for him.

Wood Watch

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Wood watches are all the rage for both men and women!

Whale Tail Necklace

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For the husband who loves whales or the ocean, a whale tail necklace will look stunning around his neck.

Engraved Stone Sun Necklace

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He is the sunshine of your life!

Braided Bracelet

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This braided bracelet is simple and great for when you are on a budget, but want something meaningful for him.

Anchor Pendant Necklace

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He is your anchor, and you are his, there is no doubt about it!

Stainless Steel Braided Ring

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Simple, but such a handsome ring for the handsome man in your life.

Your 11th wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and now you have all kinds of jewelry ideas for your husband!

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