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40th Ruby Anniversary Gifts for Her

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Congratulations! You made it to your 40th anniversary with your wife! This is the ruby anniversary, and a ruby gift will be touching and great symbolism for her. There are so many ruby gifts for her to choose from too, it’s exciting!

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Stunning 40th Ruby Anniversary Gifts for Her

Ruby Engagement Ring

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Even though you are not in the engagement part of your relationship, a ruby engagement ring will be one of the most touching gifts that she could receive.

Handmade Fused Curved Glass with Ruby Poppies

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This little piece of decoration will be a great reminder to her of celebrating your 40th anniversary together.

Ruby Heart Framed Personalized Anniversary Gift

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Personalize this ruby heart in a frame with a phrase that says you love her or something that only you two understand.

Swarovski Crystal Angel Suncatcher with Ruby Pendulum

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A beautiful Swarovski crystal angel suncatcher with a ruby pendulum will look nice hanging from a window or outside on the porch, to catch the sunlight and make it into an even more beautiful piece of art for her everyday with sunshine.

Silver Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

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Ladies love jewelry, and if your wife loves jewelry, she will certainly love a silver ruby gemstone bracelet to make her feel dressy and pretty, everyday or on special occasions.

Ruby Vintage Promise Ring

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She will love receiving this ruby vintage promise ring as a symbol that you promise her to spend your remaining life with her, that you are still as fully devoted to her as you were on your wedding day, possibly even more.

40th Ruby Wedding Wine Charms

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Add these to your wine glasses when you celebrate your 40th anniversary, they are more than just charms, they are charming.

Ruby Earrings

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Ruby earrings will add flair to the outfit she wears to go out and celebrate your wedding anniversary together.

Ruby Custom Song Soundwave Canvas

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Record your voice and use it as a custom song soundwave on this canvas as an extra special memento.

Heart-Shaped Ruby Ring

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This heart-shaped ruby ring will look nice in her jewelry collection, and whenever she decides to wear it, it just might raise her spirits.

Geometric Gold and Silver Necklace with Genuine Ruby

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Your wife will have so many pieces of jewelry that she holds dear when you present this ruby on a geometric gold and silver necklace for your 40th anniversary.

Ruby and Pearl Bracelet

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A ruby and pearl bracelet will look so exquisite on her wrist for your 40th anniversary together.

Watercolor Custom Ruby Painting

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The best gift you can give her is a piece of art that will become a keepsake that lasts a long time, a portrait of the two of you together in a watercolor ruby painting.

Gold Tree of Life with Rubies Necklace

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You two have built a life together for forty years, and the gold tree of life with rubies necklace is a great way to represent all of the life you have built together.

Ruby and Onyx Earrings

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Ruby and onyx earrings are so beautiful, and will somehow make your wife even more beautiful!

Framed Red Paper Hearts Personalized Gift

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These framed red paper hearts can have personalized notes from you to her for your 40th anniversary. She will absolutely love and cherish the personal touch.

Ruby Rose Healer Moisturizer

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This ruby rose healer moisturizer will help her feel luxurious as she does something as simple as moisturizing her skin.

Ruby Ice Shimmer Travel Mug

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Every woman needs a feminine travel mug to help them travel with fuel, and what better way to do so than one with ruby ice shimmer on it?

Ruby Necklace with Silver Initial Charm

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Personalize this ruby necklace with her initial, and she will cherish it for a long time. It is fit to her in a simple, yet special way.

Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

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Especially if she loves the Wizard of Oz movie, these ruby slippers are adorable and fun!

As you celebrate your 40th ruby anniversary together, the perfect gift is right under your nose. Your wife will love any one of these gifts and the thought you put behind it.

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