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45th Sapphire Anniversary Gifts for Her

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How amazing is it that you are approaching your 45th wedding anniversary? By now, you are wondering what you can get for your wife on this sapphire anniversary that will be the perfect gift or one she really appreciates. Worry no more, for this list is just for you will help make this special occasion even more special!

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Special  45th Sapphire Anniversary Gifts for Her

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Necklace

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A blue sapphire gemstone necklace is going to look absolutely stunning on her neck. She will love wearing it and glancing down at it from time to time, remembering how loved she has been with you.

Diamond Sapphire Petite Modern Ring

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This diamond sapphire petite ring is slim and beautiful, something elegant yet simple at the same time.

Bombay Sapphire Glass

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Perfect for those concoctions you two drink together, or as a decor piece to add to the coffee table or end table in the living room. Either way, it will serve as a reminder that you two have been married for 45 amazing years.

45th Anniversary Ornament Sapphires on Wire Mesh in Shape of a Tree

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Every Christmas from now on, the two of you will look at this ornament and be reminded how long you have been together and the time you have spent loving each other.

Sapphire Rose Necklace

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If your wife loves roses, she will definitely love this sapphire rose necklace.

Raw Sapphire Bracelet

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Imagine how beautiful this raw sapphire bracelet will look as it graces your wife’s wrist on your anniversary!

Raw Sapphire Necklace with Initial Charm

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Put her initial on the charm on this raw sapphire necklace, and it will be even more special to her.

Owl Ring with Sapphire Eyes

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If she loves owls, this ring is the perfect gift to give her to celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary together.

Magic Crystal Sapphire Pillow

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How lovely will this magic crystal sapphire pillow look on your living room couch or your bed? And every time either of you looks at it, you will remember your anniversary.

Vintage Wedding Ring with Sapphires

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A vintage wedding ring with sapphires on it will light up her eyes.

Deep Blue Sapphire Bracelet

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This deep blue sapphire bracelet will give her the extra sparkle she needs on her wrist, and go lovely with other sapphire jewelry too.

Bombay Sapphire Snack Bowl or Succulent Planter

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Filled with candies, pretzels, or whatever snack of choice, this Bombay sapphire snack bowl will look perfect on your coffee table or dining table for a get together, or just everyday life.

Natural Blue Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Bracelet

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Your wife can never truly have enough bracelets, which is why she will love this beautiful natural blue sapphire faceted rondelle bracelet for your 45th anniversary.

14k Gold and Sapphire Ring

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Rings are classic gifts for wedding anniversaries or other special occasions, and this 14k gold and sapphire ring is no exception. It is something she will truly cherish!

Sapphire Word Art in Shape of Gem

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This word art in sapphire coloring, in the shape of a gem, is something she will love because it is so touching and full of love and thoughtfulness.

Light Sapphire Pearl Magnetic Hematite Bracelet

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If bright blue sapphire isn’t her thing, this light sapphire pearl magnetic hematite bracelet just might be!

Sapphire Blue Dragonfly Crystal Suncatcher

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Great for her rearview mirror or as a window prism in the home, it is something she will look at and always remember your 45th wedding anniversary together.

Sapphire Stud Earrings

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You can’t go wrong with sapphire stud earrings this anniversary!

Romantic Sapphire and White Moonstone Necklace

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Romantic is right there in the title. This sapphire and white moonstone necklace is so lovely she will never want to take it off!

Rivers Blue Sapphire Tablet Earrings

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Unique and charming, rivers blue sapphire tablet earrings are a beautiful addition to her jewelry collection.

As you can see, there is no shortage of gift choices that symbolize sapphire and the 45 years you have been married. Whichever one you choose for your wife will be the perfect gift, showing her that you have thought a lot about her as you approached your anniversary this year.

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