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Best 3rd Leather Anniversary Gifts for Her

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3rd Leather Anniversary Gifts for Her

Leather for your 3rd wedding anniversary may seem like some plain gift. When you think of leather, you may think of leather belts and bags, but there are so many additional gifts made from leather these days. The possibilities are truly endless! There are leather journals, leather sandals, and more to choose from.

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Leather Gifts for Her 3rd Leather Anniversary 

If you are at a loss, or simply don’t realize all of the possibilities, this list of leather gifts for her will help you pick the perfect gift for your wife.

Leather Tray with Vows Engraved on it

Leather tray personalized

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Engrave the leather with the vows from your wedding so that she has a leather tray for her jewelry that will remind her of your life together every time she sets them on there.

Personalized Leather Journal

Journal personalized handmade 3rd leather anniversary gifts for her

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For the wife who needs to write notes often, or journal in general, she needs a personalized leather journal to do it in.

Leather Cosmetics Bag

Cosmetics bag 3rd leather anniversary gifts for her

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She will have a leather makeup bag for all of her makeup and accessories, whenever she is on the go or goes on a trip.

Leather Bookmark

Ornate unique leather bookmark

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This leather bookmark will help her keep her place in her books, whether it’s the one on the nightstand she reads as she winds down to fall asleep or the one she reads in her leisure time during the day.

Leather Photo

Leather photo custom engraved handmade unique gift idea for anniversaries

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Turn one of your favorite pictures of the two of you into a leather photo keepsake that she can hang up on the wall and look at everyday.

Engraved Leather Passport Holder 

Engraved custom passport holder 3rd leather anniversary gifts for her 

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These personalized leather passport holder will remind her of all the trips and vacations to come! Plus, you can get it custom engraved. 

Leather Drop Earrings

Leather drop earrings in different colors

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These leather drop earrings come in quite a few different colors and will look absolutely stunning on your wife’s ears.

Black Leather Sandals

Black leather sandals for vacations

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Beautiful black leather sandals for any outfit, whether dressy or casual.

Hawaii Aloha Leather Luggage Tags

Hawaii aloha leather tags travel baggage tags

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Great way to announce a trip to Hawaii for your 3rd wedding anniversary! She will go crazy when she opens these Hawaii aloha leather luggage tags!

Personalized Leather Gusset Pen Bag & Stationery Pouch

Personalized leather stationary bag

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For the writer or artist wife, a personalized leather gusset pen bag and stationery pouch will make her excited to write or draw as soon as she opens it.

Personalized Fine Leather Crossbody Purse

Crossbody purse leather gift idea for her 3rd leather anniversary gifts for her

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Crossbody purses are great because then she doesn’t have to think about holding them up on her shoulder as she goes about her day, and this one is a personalized fine leather one that is durable and special.

Customized Butterfly Leather Bracelet

Customized butterfly bracelet 3rd leather anniversary gifts for her

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The intricacy of this customized butterfly leather bracelet will give her something to look at whenever she needs to wait during her day.

Gladiator Leather Sandals

gladiator roman style leather sandals

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Gladiator style leather sandals are still very popular and absolutely beautiful! These are black and will go with any outfit she wears.

Unique Leather Earrings 

unique leather earrings understated fashion gift for her  

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These earrings are perfectly understated. She’ll love the universal style of these fun leather earrings. 

Leather Tote Bag

Leather tote bag rustic accessory for wifes anniversary

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She will never run out of room for all the things she carries throughout the day in her awesome leather tote bag.

Personalized Leather Checkbook Cover

customized checkbook holder

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If she is constantly writing checks for bills and other things, she will need a great personalized leather checkbook cover to keep her checkbook safe and easy to find.

Leather Pearl Lariat Necklace

Leather pearl necklace for her

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The leather pearl lariat necklace comes in coffee brown or black leather, and is an eye catcher.

Personalized Leather Portfolio

Personalized leather portfolio journal

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Her personalized leather portfolio will help her stand out at work, give her motivation, and help her be more organized in general.

From leather gifts to keep her organized and productive, to leather gifts that will look great as accessories to her outfits, there are so many wonderful leather gifts to choose from for your wife.

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